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What will destroy us? Is it the weather permeating our Planet, or the Political climate that we have endured these past twelve months?

When one takes a serious look at both, or even one, of these scenarios, it can be a very scary place to take the mind.  Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, wild fires; what is happening to our Planet? Are we coming apart? Is Mother Earth working up to a disastrous mega event? Are the prophecies beginning to occur?

Or has Man brought himself to this breaking point? Is a greater Force sending us a message? Resolve your conflicts and find the way for Mankind to endure.

We are facing such an ominous choice in our National election this year. There is such animosity, such division, among and between our people, that one wonders if we can ever overcome the current chasm.

On the one side we have Hillary Clinton with the Progressive Democratic movement, on the other Donald Trump, a non-political advocate, reaching the inner person of us all that will do anything to maintain our Republic. Mr. Trump has attempted to start a movement to denounce the path that our leaders have put us on, and to return to the sovereign Nation that we were. Each has brought forth a very intense division within our Nation. Are the Clinton supporters basically more against Trump than for Clinton? Are the Trump supporters basically more against Clinton than for Trump?

It brings to mind the words of President Abraham Lincoln,  “…..a house divided………. cannot stand…..”. Are we so divided? Have we reached a “…..point of no return…..”? How did it all begin? Will we ever heal???

I have a firm and lasting faith in the American people. I know we will persevere.  We have overcome so much in the past, we can overcome this attempt to fracture our National values. The events that we, as a Nation, have endured for so many decades, yes, even centuries, should and must keep us together. We must resolve to accept the results of our Nov. 8th National election.  We cannot allow the outcome to keep us divided. Let us move on as one. Our maturity and strength as a people will sustain us.

Recognize that outside forces have brought us to this point. There are those that want to see our power, our fortitude, our self-reliance, and our National pride, dissipate; and become one of many in their One World Order. We cannot allow them to turn the American Dream into a nightmare!

We must and will keep in mind the words of our military: “….no man left behind….”. It is about keeping together as a Nation no matter the odds or the strength of the forces against us. Together we can overcome.

This climate of unrest was started by fostering black against white. It is furthered by pitting Mid-easterners against the Western world, by pitting religions against each other; the division is being fostered in every section of our Society! We can and will stop it.

Accept each other no matter the differences. Work together to rebuild our Republic. No matter the winner on Nov. 8th, we, as a people, will endure.  We will survive the strong opposition against us. The outsiders will not destroy our Democracy. They have infiltrated our numbers, and walk beside us.  Recognize them for what they are.  Do not rely on physical violence to resolve our separation. We must follow our Constitution!

Let your voice be heard, your intelligence and inner strength take over. If you are a believer ~~ pray for guidance; if you are Agnostic ~~ rely on your belief in a power beyond us ~~ if you are Atheist ~~ accept that it is within you to fight for the Freedoms and Liberties of our Constitution, and the reliance of, and for, each other.

Perhaps by reaching out as individuals, to our local current leaders, and ask them to fight with us and for us to maintain our Republic, would be the start. They must realize that we put them where they are to represent us; to be our voice against Government oppression. It is time to leave behind the selfish pandering to selves. I believe we must begin with our local REPRESENTATIVES. We must, as parents and adults, take back our Educational values. We must return to our Religions if we believe, and we must rely on each other to fight for Liberty and Freedom. We are a self-governing Nation, and we CANNOT lose that right and freedom that so many have died for. Whoever remains standing as our President, after this election, let him/her know you are not giving in to the inner Society forces that have been attempting to divide us.



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