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Sitting comfortably in my easy chair, channel surfed though Barrett Jackson car auctions, stopped by Fox News Channel and the leader of the free world has acted.

Some 50 American Cruise Missiles have launched and landed in Syria on targets of nerve gas and ammunition sights. I am so very proud to be a man of Faith in Jesus Christ, and an American.

It is clear to see the President of these United States shows more strength in these first 60 days of his presidency than all 8 of the prior office holder. (Lack of capitals and respect is noted.)

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Doug Yanak

65 year old white non Hispanic male. 25 years on Morning fm radio shows, from Charleston, WV to Vancouver, WA 20 plus years as a criminal investigator, State of WV and defense with Federal Public Defender. Didn't defend long. Long Story. Retired/disabled primary caregiver for my wife Elaine. Complete resume available PDF? NRA Inst. Teach CCW in WEST VIRGINIA WILD AND WONDERFUL x/doug


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