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Lately, I’ve noticed my stress level has been pretty high.

I’ve also noticed that I frequently get this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

It’s the same feeling I had for several days after 911. On that day, many innocent Americans died at the hands of a handful of America hating Muslim terrorists. It was a dark period for America. On the bright side, Americans came together and we had unity.

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But now, my beloved country is being torn apart from within. This time, the America haters aren’t Muslim terrorists, they are Americans. What’s worse is how those of us who voted for President Trump and President Trump himself are being treated by these Americans who are the actual deplorables.

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I just read where the Charlottesville police were told to allow the riot to happen by the liberal, BHO supporting, Trump hating mayor. They were given orders to STAND DOWN in the event of violence. Will this make the news? Of course not. The fascists always control the media. This is no different.

Back in November, I was overjoyed when Trump was elected by decent Americans. Finally, after 8 years of horrific assaults on our Constitution, on our way of life, and on conservatives in general, finally it was our turn. Trump would take over and fix everything BHO had broken.

But the liberals couldn’t stand to see us happy.

They could not believe they were losing their legacy bestowed on them by their beloved. They decided they would do something about it. And they did and still are doing. They are attempting a coup and are doing everything in their power to make it happen. Make no mistake. A coup is underway in this country and the fascists are running it. They are fighting us at every turn.

It doesn’t take a majority to pull it off, either. This is internal, devious, guerrilla warfare aimed at disempowering a sitting president. A president legally and righteously elected by the majority of real, living, legally immigrated Americans.

Do they care that what they are doing could embolden America’s enemies? On the contrary, they’d rather see America fall under Trump than see Trump victorious on any international front. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

And they are betting that we’re going to let them get away with it. We’re going to sit back and let them ride roughshod over our president and we’re going to take it, just like we took it when BHO rode roughshod over our rights and police for 8 years.

I can only hope they have grossly miscalculated on this account.

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Glenna Gould Wheatley


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