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“Although isolationism, or non-intervention as its advocates prefer to say, remains a temptation, we cannot afford its empty promise.” Evan McMullin.

America cannot go back to the days of isolation when we live in a global world of competition and evil dictators looking to destroy Democracy at every corner. The doors of Liberty and the free exercise thereof need to be protected and shared around the globe. Only America is in a position to be that leader. Only America has the principled morals to make a more peaceful World.

“Sometimes these obligations seem heavy, yet fulfilling them is necessary in order to preserve the peace we cherish. From Pearl Harbor to 9/11, we have learned the painful lessons of withdrawal from world affairs and the avoidance of difficult truths.” as Evan shares his vision for America in Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Today, more than any time in current History, we need a man of conviction, understanding, strength, and an understanding of that strength and security America needs. “When our leaders refuse to acknowledge the evil before their eyes and call it by its true name, that evil grows stronger. That evil may be the threat of Islamist terror or the rising tide of “alt-right” racism at home. We need a president who will combat them both with equal vigor.” spoken plainly, directly and without correctness that only causes vague thoughts and uninspired followers.

“I believe that the time has come for our nation to recommit itself to the cause of liberty, and for a new generation of American leadership to chart the way forward both at home and abroad.” and “one of the most pernicious and damaging assertions Donald Trump has made in this ugly campaign season has a been to repeatedly cast American forces and American alliances in purely venal terms. American service men and women are not mercenaries. To say so insults their sacrifices and the values of our nation.”. Speaking of the men and women who so patriotically, and heroically secure Americans around the world by Evan. I would like to share the foundation of Evan’s ideas. Eight very important reasons that only Evan possess, and only now in a time of such world turmoil can America afford to elect.

“Today, I want to tell you how I would restore American leadership and why my vision is so different from that of other candidates. I believe in a leadership that rests on the twin pillars of strength and principle. We are called at this moment in history to make decisions both here and abroad that will preserve American security and prosperity and enable us to stand firm in the face of our adversaries.” As Evan goes into his eight pillars of his candidacy.


“The American President has a unique role to play in our world. Here are eight key principles that would inform my leadership in making America safer in the coming years.

1. The president’s personal conduct should exemplify our democratic ideals. The president must demonstrate the honesty and integrity we expect of our leaders while rejecting all forms of bigotry and prejudice.

2. Violating fundamental human rights weaken our country and subvert our leadership. Torture is un-American and so is taking revenge on our enemies’ wives and children.

3. The cost of preparing for war is much less than the cost of fighting one. Our next president must rebuild and modernize the U.S. military; the men and women who risk their lives on our behalf deserve the most advanced technologies and rigorous training available.

4. Strong alliances and partnerships generate security and stability. They deter conflict and reduce the need for the United States to assume the costs and risks of acting alone.

5. Deal with problems before they become full-blown crises. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

6. Invest in intelligence and diplomacy. These are the early warning systems that help us to understand which problems have the potential to become crises.

7. Through peaceful means, promote democracy and human rights. Countries that respect their own citizens are far more likely to become our partners rather than our adversaries.

8. No other country is willing or able to lead decisively on a global scale. We are still the indispensable nation.

These principles embody my pledge to this country and especially to our men and women in uniform, many of whom are exhausted after long deployments thousands of miles away from their families. I will do everything in my power to prevent war, yet I will never pretend that inaction is a guarantee of security and peace.”

America is at a cusp today, and during this election. We can make a real choice for a principled, real change in America, or one could continue down the road of voting the lesser of two evils. I believe the American voter is more intellectual than that, and will vote for Evan, a real choice, that offers fresh ideas, straightforwardness, and integrity. Remember he used to investigate people, and has never been investigated.



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