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I have just scanned through some headlines and pictures of what is going on in the big cities. Anger is not my emotion right now. It is a deep sadness. Within my sadness I told myself that if the Socialist-Democrats had won this past election, most likely we would be seeing the National Guard attempting to control and disburse the crowds (remember Kent State??)

It appears to be mostly young whites (20’s and early 30’s). These, I believe, are the most recent generations that have come out of our decimated Educational System. Their public language has me quite upset. Not that I am an Angel, by any means, but when speaking publicly I try hard to show respect for those who may be offended by such bluntly derisive words.

When asked by a Reporter what Hillary Clinton has accomplished in her thirty (30) years of experience in Government, one of the protesters was ‘hard-put’ for an answer. Nothing definitive was brought forth. All she was able to contribute was more personal bashing of Donald Trump. That did not surprise me. Hillary Clinton spent most of her campaign doing the same. She rarely came out with any detailed plans. She ignored the States that have always been steady in their choices, and spent most of her time in the States “up for grabs”. She constantly uttered worn out slogans and generic promises, while personally bashing her opponent. In my opinion she had no concrete plans, or just did not feel safe putting them out publicly. It seemed to me she was taking much of her constituency for granted. Somewhat similar to what the Democratic Party has been doing for some time. Perhaps that attitude is what has caused such a split in our Country. The so-called “Silent Majority”, has been paying attention. But they have been keeping their opinions to themselves. They, at one time, showed respect for their Leaders, and did not question strongly their actions; (hence labeled “Silent”). Lyndon Johnson, I believe, was responsible for this terminology. In my opinion he was the personification of “Politician”. Mostly reminded me of Boss Tweed (of New York fame).

So the majority of the Electorate had finally had enough. They began to realize their Government was not paying attention to them. They were dismissed by their Representatives, who realized the cushioned and comfortable position they had, and made a futile attempt to hold onto it.

It appears that most of our Government, at least those in high office, are from the Legal Profession. They have been trained to manipulate conversations to defend their clients. But we are not their clients. We are their employers. And just as any subordinate that becomes insubordinate, they must be replaced. In a desperate attempt to maintain power, they became quite insolent. What has finally taken them down is the realization by the average citizen that enough is enough. To maintain the soft life, the Politicians under-estimated the will and voice of the people. They had to constantly increase the taxes to support their agenda. The “silent” ones were working hard to support the ‘quiet’ ones. The ‘quiet’ ones were staying quiet, realizing the Government was willing to support them just to get their vote. But the ‘quiet’ ones were so busy demanding more and more from the Government, they didn’t realize that the “silent” ones were listening. They saw their life crumbling under the weight of taxes. They realized, painfully so, that their life was changing substantially. They were losing many freedoms and liberties as a result of the demands of the ‘quiet’ ones.

Enter a “silent” one who was tired of being highly taxed. He was a very successful Businessman. His children were educated, raised in a close family, and taught discipline and respect. He turned the business over to them, and started to look closer into his world. Having spread his company to the International level, he realized the truth of where the world was going, and didn’t like it for his children; he saw the other side of the fence. He was one of the better ones in his world, and he began to speak out. Over the years, he grappled with the decision of whether or not to get involved on the public side. He finally decided to go for it.
He realized the only way was through the people themselves. He knew he had to get to the core of the American citizen; the average every day hard working man and woman. He identified with them, spoke their language, told it like it is. They were so glad to see someone who wasn’t a smooth-talking, politically correct speaker. He was their man! He spoke their language!

What followed was a campaign that will go down in History. The Democrats were stunned. They didn’t know how to deal with this. It was like a gentleman “dueling” with a Viking!

Such mixed messages and emotions coming forth during this campaign. It is no wonder the “under 30” population does not know how to deal with this. They have been indoctrinated into the Liberal Democratic world, while under the influence of their family elders (the Silent Majority).

We will have to keep a close eye on this situation. Many of the sitting Representatives have become unbelievable in their public musings of the outcome. They have forgotten the demeanor of their position in this Government. They are setting a very bad example. We must work together. We must give the new ones a chance. In America we have always given people a chance. Helped them on their way. In America your station in life does not give you any more privilege or status. Yes, we do treat certain folks with adulation. But when the going gets tough, America stands up.

Stand up America. Give the “new kid on the block” a chance. We have enough standards in place to avoid a disaster. We will not collapse!


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