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From David’s iTunes Podcast, ”We are The American Remnant. We believe in limited government, free-markets and upholding the constitution. But as the right has moved towards nationalism and populism and the left has moved towards statism and socialism, we will stand on our principles even if we are on the sidelines of the current political climate. Albert Jay Nock, an author in the 1930’s coined the phrase “The Remnant” for those that did not fit in the current political discussion. We are now The American Remnant.”

Today, this author had the distinct privilege in speaking with David at length about what he sees in America, what it will take to bring America back to being for all Americans, and his opinion on some of the most current events. Sit back, and spend a few moments at getting the insight on David Abroms, and America today.

A man of distinction, hardworking business owner, connoisseur of the American dream, and a candidate in the latest political running for Georgia’s 6th District. David and Sam his (Dog) gave me an in-depth, no holds barred Q and A about his run, America, and the future in Politics. First and foremost is a little background on David, and what his stances were during the political run.

The following issues were listed on Abroms’ campaign website. For a full list of campaign themes, click here.

  • National Security: Protecting the homeland is one of the primary functions of our government. We need to rebuild our military, stand strong by our allies around the world, and take a firm, unyielding stance towards those who wish to undermine our national interest.

  • Immigration: Our first priority should be to secure our borders by the most effective means possible, followed closely by the development of stronger systems to prevent visa overstays, and protect our economy and security.

  • The 2nd Amendment: My commitment to the 2nd Amendment goes deeper than my enjoyment of hunting or shooting for sport. As a young child, I remember my grandfather describing life in occupied Poland during the second World War. When he described what it was like when the Nazis came to round up the Jews, his words stuck with me: ‘When they came for us, we had nothing to defend ourselves.’

  • Jobs: First, the American economy has changed and is changing faster than we can keep up. That’s why we need to help people gain the skills they need to keep pursuing the American dream in a 21st century economy, and get the government out of the way.

  • Education: I am in favor of a voucher program to provide kids with access to great schools – no student should be chained to a zip code that’s under performing or failing them educationally. Ultimately, I believe that we should let families and students decide what’s best for their education and their future, not faceless bureaucrats from the state or federal department of education.”

Abroms presents himself as part of a new generation of conservative leadership and as someone who won’t go “squishy” on his principles. But that doesn’t mean he won’t compromise. After the niceties were finished, I proceeded with the first question which was simply, Why would a young business savvy, American business owner want to go into the “wild world” of politics. With the quietness of purpose, David responded quite succinctly “In my life this was a good time for me. I had been contemplating leaving my business, a great opportunity to make a difference, ‘not to just have a vote, but for a voice’. David continued with a passion unparalleled by many politicians, but by those with the calling to do something great, and he spoke more of “limited government, one for the citizens. Populism goes against my beliefs, and I wanted to stand up against the far left and far right people, and help people see that hyper partisanship only hurts America.”

What is your view of the new healthcare discussions? “It is from the disease of hyper political rhetoric today. This won’t solve the problem. You see Americans are too hyper-partisan. This health-care legislation is a terrible piece of legislation. It is just a redistribution of wealth. Some form of the 10% who truly need help should get it, have the government help, and the other 90% do as they should be free to choose. Insurance should be portable from job to job,” with true concern David responded.

David what is your view on the immigration policy? David responded with a deep concern “This is a tough issue, economically positive net is a good thing. But societal where high immigrants populate, there is more distrust. America needs to reform HB1 visas, so large companies do not take advantage of the program. America needs to better equip our young to fill the high technological jobs, and the HB1 visas need to be set aside for seasonal work.”

If one was to ask you what is the most important issue facing America today, what would your answer be?  “The hyper partisanship in America. A lot of it that is people impeding people. Today we are doubting the sincerity and motives of others. This cannot be fixed with legislation, but only real leadership. From a leader with exposure like a Mitt Romney, or a well-known business owner. They need the name recognition to make the changes that are needed,” responded Abroms.

Time for a little bit of personal housekeeping. What did your family think of you running for political office? “They definitely did not want me to run at all. They understood it would be a tough road to hoe. There would be a lot of money spent,” David responded. So tell me David, why are you not considering yourself a Republican or a Democrat? “I am not Republican, not Democrat, and not independent, I am an American.” was Abrom’s response. Where do you see GA in the next few Presidential races, Red, Blue, or Purple? “I see that Georgia will eventually become a swing state. We are seeing the Midwest as the stronger red states now. People are voting on their race, economic class, etc. and not so much on American Values,” David responded.

And what would an interview be without this question David? What is your over-all opinion of Donald Trump? Without any hesitation the response was “Trump is failing period. Look at his business background full of poor deals, rip-offs, and over 3500 lawsuits, and 4 business bankruptcies. The part that is frustrating to the non-Trump fans is that people are perfectly content with being partisan. People are not rallying to the American cause.”

Would you, David Abroms consider working to elect someone in the arena that holds your beliefs and may be a part of Stand Up Republic? This person will need a well thought out plan and victory strategy for me to assist another. Americans need to recognize the name, feel the leadership in their words, and know that they are genuine.”

I will call that the last question David. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy personal life after the grueling political race. I would like the opportunity to chat again down the road when we are looking closer at 2020 and to see your viewpoints of the race.

So we had the opportunity to get to know what a Constitutionalist sees in America today, and where we as a nation need to go tomorrow. Take time to pass this on to other readers and political junkies. Maybe there is someone in America with name recognition, expertise in statesmanship, and an integrity driven person who will take up the American Banner in 2020.

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