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For Me to State to the World that our AMERICAN MEDIA IS THE #1 ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES takes guts for having the ability to tell the world the truth.  Our media was at one time a source we could depend upon for the truth, the actual facts and in it’s prime was selling millions of newspapers on a daily basis.

Walter Winchell, Paul Havey, Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite could be depended upon as their words were their bond and you believed every worked they said or wrote.  These giants could not be bought off, threatened or bullied into lying.

Today’s reporters are overpaid, whores that will sell their souls for a dollar.  They are told what to say, how to lie and bs we the people and still do not understand why their ratings and people are so turned off by them.  Our last two conventions within the last 30 days have confirmed this over and over.

Trump has been made a idiot while Crooked Hillary is now almost a “Virgin” yet her Resume’ and Work History is failure after failure, lie after lie.  Our  media  is once more making her an “Newly Annointed Saint”  that can do no wrong even after her Arkansas History of disposing of bodies that could convict her and her Rapist Husband.

The Media made “Slick Willie” look like a loving, kind, caring husband during his speech of lies about Hillary and him.  The Secret Service former & retired agents have confirmed this lie in their books with them cussing, fighting and throwing lamps at each other many times.

I now get my news off of the internet and social media as this is the most honest thing we have going now for us if you want to hear the real news of the world.  People now can confirm or contradict the stories if things are not correct.

Media Executives wake up……..WE DO NOT NEED YOU NOW, YOU NEED US MORE THAN EVER so I strongly suggest that you grow up, get in the world of reality and realize we are not as stupid as you think we are.  Your lack of sales, interest from the public should confirm this for you.  TELL US THE TRUTH, BE IMPARTIAL, QUITE FAVORING CROOKS, LYING POLITICIANS, CORRUPT CORPORATIONS AND TELL IT EXACTLY LIKE THE FACTS ARE.  We do not need you to attempt to think for us as we can do this.

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