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As the sun awakens every day, the American Patriot awakens to what could be. The patriot emboldens his soul with the knowledge in the spirit of God will be at his side as he takes to the fields, the rivers, and to flight. The American Patriot is a dreamer in sunny Knolls reaching out and calling his name, he takes delight in the small creatures scurrying to feed their own little families, and a smile comes across the face of the Patriot. For in the busy day of the small creatures is a dream for new heights, new challenges, and a better tomorrow for the patriot, and his family, and those that he calls “my neighbor.”

Every American has the spirit of adventure. To challenge the status quo. To climb to heights yet unconquered, and to travel to far away galaxies. To beat the rapids of Cherry Creek and the Upper Tuolumne River, to the treacherous despair of teaching a child the inner workings of the tip, tuck bunny ears shoe tying. No matter the adventure, the American Patriot is looking for truth, justice, growth, opportunity, acceptance, and a quenching of the thirst for knowledge.

The American Patriot is a tiller of the land, a thinner of the overgrowth in a forest, and a builder of a dream. There is a limitless abundance of hard work for the Patriot, and for the opportunity to see new young growth to appear where once there was barren land. No time for hate, deceit, or frivolous thoughts. The Patriot works his fields, cuts the logs, fishes the seas, and builds the simple homes for his family, his neighbors, and for all those that one day soon will be his neighbor. The American Patriot has never met an enemy, just a friend yet unknown.

At the end of the hard day, the first cry of a newborn child, the meeting of a new neighbor, and the abundance of the newly built cabinets, the American Patriot takes the time to say thank you. He falls to his knees in his fields, in the morning sunrise, the first sight of evening shadows and for every mouthful of food he nourishes his family with, he takes the time to thank his God for so many great blessings. The American Patriot takes the time to surround his family with loved ones and to share in the delight of his God with prayer and thought. With the words of the son of God, the American Patriot stands atop the mountains in his own little valley, for he knows that God is there to take care of his needs.

The American Patriot, though wise in building for his family is brave at heart. He takes no pleasure in militarizing his family and neighbors but takes solstice in the cause. Brave as the wind is powerful, Cunning as the bobcat in the freshly blown snow caps of the mountains, the American Patriot is ready and capable of defending his home, his family, his neighbors, and his Country. The patriot lacks nothing in being brave. Standing at the gates between right and the hatemongers, greedy, tyrants of the world. He holds his child tightly to his chest as he whispers thoughts of dreams come true tomorrow, and then finds the hardest bravery is to leave the Patriot’s spouse but knows that in the sorrow is the knowledge in keeping them safe from all enemies, whether foreign or domestic. As the wild mustang challenges the prairies and fields, so does the Patriot in their bravery to defend, honor, and stand guard over their beloved country.

There are the Leos of the American Patriot, strong at heart, powerful in self-discipline, while always being the protector of the masses. The mighty Roar is the signal of bravery, strength, deliverance, and steadfast honorable principles and morality. Strong in arms, stronger in love of country, the American Patriot looks to that Shining City upon the hill, as one tear drops in the knowledge that today is not the day, but tomorrow can be, if only we stay steadfast in principled leadership, powerful in knowledge, brave in convictions, exploring the greater opportunities, and bringing hope in times of despair, love in the rivers of hatred, and honor on the shores of America.

May America begin anew. May it hold tightly to the rails of honesty, bravery, love, honor, respect, civility, integrity, morality, principles in actions and deeds, and love of all Patriots. May tomorrow be greater than today, and may our tomorrows bring new wonderful adventures in unity and acceptance, as we challenge those mighty boundaries of Earth and explore the heavens above, and the beauty upon our earth….

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