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Super Bowl LI along with American universities are being hijacked by leftists for their America hating agenda.

The poor Atlanta Falcons.  Because Brady is a Trump supporter and his team is the Patriots they have been relegated to representing the cesspool of human debris that is the Left’s chosen people in this year’s Super Bowl.  If they win, America loses face and the America hating forces of global socialism celebrate a hollow victory that is as meaningless as Hillary’s popular voter fraud majority. But if they are like their comrades who spit on the National Anthem then they might well be pleased with themselves.  Add to that the rumor that the Halftime Show will be an anti-Trump diatribe and you have the recipe for American patriots turning their back on America’s sport, which is exactly what leftists want as they infect and corrupt everything.

Leftists say how we treat the least of us is a judgement on how civilized we are.  What they refuse to understand is that the least of us refers to the weakest among us, not the worst of us.  How we treat the poor and oppressed is one thing, but how we treat criminals is another.  Their problem is they lack the moral compass to know the difference between someone who is oppressed and someone who is an anarchist criminal trying to terrorize others in order to steal power.  That’s not only because they are unlearned in morality, but because they are themselves the thieves.

Obama’s professional rioters make useful idiots of liberal protesters

Liberal Universities and Media Fake News Breeds the New Nazis

Americans should not be in a conundrum when dealing with Islamists, leftists, fascists, and all the other –ists that represent the dregs of human ideology.  No one should be concerned about upsetting a billion Moslems by condemning Islamic jihadi terrorism.  They are trying to create a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” scenario, but that is not a reality with which we must live.  You are morally right to condemn and fight the Jihad.  There is no downside.  If a billion Moslems condemn you for it that makes them wrong and not the kind of people with whom you want to associate, let alone invite into your home.  If someone knocks on your door and says if you don’t take him in he’ll kill you, do you invite him into your home?

Americans need to destroy the terrorists, not succor them as the liberals want.  Criminals and terrorists have no place in the civilized world.  Liberals are the ones who want to appease them and give them rights.  Let them suffer the consequences.  You reap what you sow and when you sow cowardice and submission you deserve to be a slave.

Islamo-Nazis and Communists DO NOT belong in America!

As for the riots leftists are perpetrating, Hillary’s friend Robert Reich claims that the rioters were not liberal students or Obama operatives, but Breitbart’s own rightwing thugs in disguise using subterfuge to frame the Left for the violence.  This is the same ploy of blaming the victims as being the perpetrators through distraction and misdirection as was used during the Trump campaign.  When Hillary supporters started fights with Trumpsters and then blamed them as being violent the fake news media used the incidents to condemn Trump’s supporters.  The truth of Reich’s assertion can be proved in the historical record of the TEA Party riots of 2009 and their calls for violence and use of deception…. oh, wait.

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