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This is the pinnacle of dysfunctional liberal thinking.  Leftist Democrats are actually claiming that Trump Republicans will bring America back to Democratism.  As a perfect example of how backwards liberals think, Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) is echoing the hate spewed by Antifa Nazi Obamaites that America is a racist, bigoted nation.  Not that there are people who are racist and bigoted, but that the entire nation is.  The list of sins that Cuomo posted in his declaration, “America was never that great,” includes, “discrimination, segregation, sexism, isolationism, racism, and the KKK,” all of which are the sins of Democrats who inflicted slavery on this nation.  Of course America under their rule was never great because it was Republicans who led America to greatness while leftist Democrats corrupted it and try to tear it down!

Cuomo has meltdown after Trump chastises him for his leftism

Democrats, who try to deny that Antifa black hood thugs are part of their party, are openly echoing their beliefs.  Leftists have been indoctrinating America’s young with lies and revisionist history to make American capitalism evil and fabricate the fantasy that socialism is benevolent and beneficial.  That’s why American Millennials are so colossally ignorant of history, of economics, of America, and don’t understand simple math.  Democratic socialists have always confiscated wealth to make themselves the rich and powerful.  They do this through taxation and regulation against those who do not bow to their rule.  This is exactly like the way Islamists treat infidels as dhimmis.  They believe they are justified in their actions because in their minds Republicans, conservatives, and Christians are the evil ones.

This is just a reflection of the leftist lie that slavers and Nazis were Christians.  Those who abused slaves and conquered others did not worship God but had their own gods.  Liberals who believe Trump is exhibiting any Hitlerian traits are those who delusionally warp Trump’s words and actions according to their immoral vision.  Like those who see the Access Hollywood tape in which Trump says women will let him do whatever he wants, including grab their p*ssies, and warp this into meaning that Trump said he rapes women.  Just as there is a vast gulf between a woman letting you have sex with them and raping them, there is the same vast gulf between Trump exhorting American patriotism and Hitler forcing German National Socialism on all.  There is also a vast gulf between the truth of what people say and how the lying fake news media edits what they say to mean what they want.  Which is the more Hitlerian; Trump’s words or how the media edits them?

The manner in which the left twists words, actions, history, and reality knows no bounds.  They even try to create reality to frame the righteous such as they did with Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with a Russian woman who called him but had nothing to say.  Mueller is threatening to charge him with conspiracy.  The entire Mueller investigation is a fraud based on their attempt to set Trump up to frame him for Hillary’s Russian collusion and oust him from office.  If they can’t get him then they’ll attack his family.  If they do this then President Trump should release the Kraken and declassify everything so that Washington is laid bare and all the leftist Democrats and RINOs go down in flames!

The revelation that this is all a scam is easily recognized in the contradictory lies that Putin made Trump his puppet and then set out to destroy him with a phony dossier.  As Rush Limbaugh points out, both can’t be true.  That’s because neither is.  They are just Democrat attempts to throw some sh*t on the wall and see what sticks.  Obama’s puppet Brennan saying Trump asked Russians to spy on Hillary when he joked about finding her missing emails is another example of the leftist extremism.  The degree of leftist lies coupled with the extreme gullibility of liberals to foster the ‘some of the people’ to whom Lincoln referred is why Democrats must not be compromised with but defeated.  Wisdom, which is experience guided by intelligence grounded in morality, is what reveals the truth to conservatives but leaves liberals blind as they lack a moral compass.

The Mueller Investigation Is an Abomination!

Such is the case in New Mexico where jihadis were released by a Democrat judge despite training children to be jihadi terrorists and finding one dead child’s body in their compound.  Those who reported them for years were called “Islamophobes” by the Obama regime as they trained children to be the next mass murderers at schools.  Some of the children are reportedly possible kidnap victims that they are brainwashing to wage war on Christians.  For those of you who don’t know history, which if you’re a liberal I already know you don’t, this was common practice by medieval Moslem Turks to take the children of Christians and severely brainwash them to be murderous killers.  They were called the Janissaries.  Try looking them up and learning something.

Everything the left touches, everything they say and do, is corrupted.  They must lie about who they are and what they plan.  Cuomo is running for re-election as governor of New York against another Democrat who speaks honestly and openly about being a socialist.  Democrats know they cannot win when they speak out against America, but their lies have become transparent thanks to Trump revealing them for what they are.  There is no Republican running against Cuomo, so New York is doomed.  It is up to the rest of the nation to kick the anti-America resistance of the left to the curb and wash them down the sewer.  You cannot trust a leftist to speak the truth, or a liberal to think logically when they only believe what they are told to believe.  This is why you never let other people tell you what to think.  If someone tells you a third party said or did such-in-such it is your responsibility to verify the truth.

Andrew Cuomo: Chip Off the Old Democrat Block

If Cuomo and his fellow Obammunists think America is not the greatest nation in the world then let them name the one they think is.  Don’t try obscure his beliefs by reinterpreting what he said.  Liberals try to tell us what conservatives “really mean” about what they say to warp their words, and the same people try to tell us what liberals “really mean” when they speak openly of their hate and dysfunctional logic to conceal their meaning.  How do leftists twist their words?  Just listen to Ocasio-Cortez answer the question “how will she pay for socialism?”  Listen to Cuomo whine about the chronic poverty of Democrat controlled cities.  Both blame Republicans for the economic devastation that Democrats have always caused.  It’s like atheists telling Christians what Jesus meant.  It is the nature of the left to create problems, blame others, take credit for their success repairing the destruction committed by leftists, and then claim they can do it better.  Vote Democrat and see what it gets you if you haven’t figured this out and then try looking up the definition of insanity.

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