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New York City is a sanctuary enclave, and its city council is considering extending the availability for legal representation of undocumented aliens (illegal’s) to those who have been accused of major crimes. There is no defense for this, but the very idea and acceptance of sanctuary cities is an even greater offense. Why should the tax payer have to bear the burden for illegality for whatever reason, felonies, misdemeanors, or border crossing. The American people are troubled and tired by a liberal progressive agenda that seeks to impose itself in their cities and towns, and wallets as well.


The belief among many is that democrats have very little respect for the Constitution and the laws of the land. Former Marine General, and now head of Homeland Security, John Kelly served his country on the battlefield in distant lands, and now in his home country. He swore allegiance to this nation and the American people by following the letter of the law, and dealing with illegal immigration accordingly. Democrats, most of whom supported Kelly’s nomination, have denounced his forceful methods as extreme. Kelly in turn has suggested that if they are dissatisfied change the law, until then he will carry out his sworn duties.


Just because you don’t read or hear about it each day, doesn’t mean it’s gone from the public psyche. The determination of democrats and their minions to force the president to reveal his tax returns has taken on a new approach. The congress can have the Internal Revenue Service publish Mr. Trump’s returns, but under the republican majority rule, and the specter of a presidential veto, this is highly unlikely to happen.

The path forward now for the raving hoards is to concentrate their efforts in state houses, specifically New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, where the president has filed state returns. This is particularly feasible in states where the legislature is controlled by democrats. Time will tell if these scavengers are successful.


Following a spate of cop killings and anti-police rhetoric, a new study, “Assailant Study- Mindsets and Behavior” was just released by the FBI that captures the war on law enforcement and what has come to regarded as “de-policing”.

This study underscores and confirms what has been an all out effort over the past several years by the Obama administration, political figures, celebrities, professional athletes, and radical groups, like the ACLU and Black Lives Matter, to harass and undermine law enforcement efforts to the extent that police officers across the country have taken a step back in enforcing public order, and that they’ve become “demoralized and scared”.

According to the study, another manifestation of the war on police is that assailants have become more bold and defiant toward law enforcement, and that “anti-police rhetoric and attitudes are creating an increase in acts of violence against the police”. Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute has been in the forefront of investigating this, and has stated in describing this dynamic that according to the detractors of law enforcement, police action is tantamount to “racial oppression”. Is it any wonder why police are now performing their duties with restraint and uncertainty.


Remember Kyle Milliken, 38 year old Navy Seal from Falmouth, Maine, and recipient of 4 bronze stars, recently killed in action in Somalia. Keep this war hero in your prayers.

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