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An attitude of gratitude and other stuff…

I heard that phrase used and I thought it was appropriate for a reply.  Gratitude, according to the dictionary is: “the quality of being thankful”.  What can Americans express gratitude for?  Each year, we celebrate Thanksgiving, as if it was the only day for which we could give thanks.  Really?  Is that truly the one day a year for which you’re grateful you are a citizen of the United States?  Can you not give thanks that when you walk out of your private residence you’re not gunned down in the street as a matter of course?  How about being grateful that we have a system that transfers power in the government in a peaceful manner, and not having your door broken down and strangers entering in the middle of the night?  Did you house military personnel in your residence, against your will, or have them ransack the house looking for something they can steal?  We, the citizens of the United States, are participants in an experiment such as the world had never seen before and, except for a few recent, scattered, events, we’ve lived in harmony with each other.

America is under siege, from within and without.  You may not know it, but the freedoms that we cherish, and for which we are grateful, are being chipped away…piece by little piece.  I liken this “stealth jihad” to the story of the frog who found a large pot of water on a hot day.  As the water, heated by the fire underneath it, got hotter and hotter, it cooked the frog.  He didn’t notice because it was done so gradually, but it DID cook him.  The siege of America didn’t just occur on September 11, 2001…it has been 1400 years in the making.  The undermining of America comes in many different forms, and it is multi-generational.  Many of the “hippies” and “free-thinkers” of the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s are now teachers, college professors, deans and administrators…and they’ve carried those off-the-wall thoughts from that time to now and they teach that to their students.   The upshot of that is that many kids and young adults of today have little or no idea of who their government leaders are, what they do, or how the government is run.  What they DO know, and riot about, is that they don’t want ANY government!  No borders, no taxes, no armed forces, and as many freebies as they can get.

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The individuals that take a knee, regardless of what they profess to be the reason, the result is that they demean their country and show the world that America CAN be divided…that it’s not all that difficult.  Of course, the irony of their actions is lost on them.  The very symbols of the country that they seem to despise, are what other men and women fought for, and died to preserve.  If you take just a moment and say to yourself, “If the United States did not exist…what would the world be like?”, and if you realize the weight of that statement you’ll truly know the meaning of an attitude of gratitude.  The real name of the statue of Liberty is Liberty Enlightening The World, and if that light ever fails, the world will be plunged into another “dark ages”.   Even though Islam is the dominant threat, to the world, there are other, home-grown threats and I suspect that they are being financed by George Soros, even though there has no direct connection been made.   These groups, nearly approaching out-and-out anarchy, also show the world that America MAY be conquered…easily.

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Something that people may not notice is that there are more and more TV commercials that feature mixed-race families.  Now, before you start hurling brickbats at me, let me say that I have nothing against that.  My thought is that it is another form of stealth jihad, desensitizing the American mind against the possibilities of “different-looking” people among us.  Hussein started that trend by importing thousands of “refugees” without any sort of vetting.  Anyone that thinks we didn’t bring in thousands of potential killers has not been playing with a full deck.  You just have to probe to get the real stories, because(to my way of thinking) the mainstream media will not give you that story.  To see the world through the rose-colored glasses as presented by the mainstream media, is to be given a one-sided view and very little of the truth.   Another aspect of this stealth jihad is that wealthy Islamic countries literally give school districts tons of textbooks.  Any bets on which faith those textbooks will favor?  Some have gone so far as to include a phrase which, when read aloud, says that you have taken Allah and Islam to be your religion and Islam does not “give back” anyone or anything.  Remember that.

Parting shot: if any of what’s been said here has caused you to have an attitude of gratitude, I thank you.  If someone were to put together a collage of various “street interviews” and the appalling ignorance of young Americans, it would be a “best seller” or whatever the equivalent would be on YouTube.  Incidentally, the social networks are also slyly cutting down on opposing views and that is another little bit of freedom being sliced off.  Nobody, or very few, notice what’s taking place, and it is important that you do!

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Larry Usoff

US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty, Honor, Country, are my watchwords. E-mail me at: [email protected]


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