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Scammed by a Black, a Woman and Now a 17 Year Old

The ID (Investigation Discovery) channel reenacts real-life crime stories. I watched two stories in which single woman homeowners heard men breaking into their homes. In both incidents, the best the unarmed women could do was grab their phone, hide in their closet like scared rabbits and dial 911. My heart went out to the terrified defenseless women. If they had had a gun, the playing field would have been much more level.

Tragically, both women were found by their home invaders. While she screamed, cried, and begged for her life, the burglar pressed his pistol against one woman’s head and pulled the trigger, killing her instantly. In the second home-invasion, the burglar shot the woman over 10 times. She survived and praises God for her miraculous survival.

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In both cases, these women would have had a fighting chance had they been armed with guns. I asked myself, why on earth does the American left so passionately want such women disarmed; defenseless, at the mercy of evil criminals. With leftists claiming to be extreme advocates for women, desiring to disarm women does not make logical sense. And yet, disarming every law abiding citizen in America is exactly what Leftists are trying to do, campaigning to demonize the NRA and gun-owners.

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My fellow Americans, leftists only view you as pawns. Your lives are mere tools to use to further their anti-God, anti-freedom and anti-America agendas. Leftists are willing to sacrifice your well-being, best interest and lives to further leftists’ extreme causes and ideas. This is why leftists use everything that happens in life; every accident, tragic event and even the weather to move the ball toward their goals.

Exploiting the Florida school shooting, wacko leftist retired justice John Paul Stevens and other leftist nuts have called for the repeal of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Leftists also flood the media with deception and lies. Parroting fake news media, my relative ranted that you don’t need an assault weapon for hunting and home protection. She thinks current gun law allows nutcases to purchase a machine gun (assault weapon). Civilians cannot casually purchase machine guns. The AR15 which is hated by leftists requires the trigger to be pulled for each round fired. The AR15 is not a machine gun and has saved numerous homeowners lives.

Women defend themselves with guns against sexual abuse 200,000 times per year. Guns are used 80 times more often to save a life than to take a life. Of the 2,581,268 gun related incidents each year, 2,549,596 are self-defense. Only 31,000 are assaults. Eighty million American gun-owners kill 1500 criminals each year. Police kill 600 criminals annually.

The term “assault weapon” is a made-up political term by gun haters to deceive people into thinking bad guys are legally buying machine guns. Everything leftists try to sell us is always rooted in misdirected hate, irrational emotion, deception and lies.

While claiming he had no desire to take our guns, Obama deceptively tried to repeal our 2nd amendment right via the backdoor. Obama tried to ban traditional ammo.

Like the Terminator robot in the movie, leftists never grow weary trying to overtake our country with their wacko ideas. They simply keep coming at us using different approaches and front-persons.

Insidiously, leftists lie saying, “You’re nuts, we’re not trying to take your guns. We only want another ‘commonsense’ gun law.” The tactic is called incremental-ism. Incrementally, we went from smoking sections to even tobacco-less vapor cigarettes being banned practically everywhere. I heard a new movie promoted on the radio. The announcer warned that the movie contained “historic smoking” as though seeing people smoking in buildings could be traumatic for viewers.

Incrementally, we went from leftists claiming homosexuals only wanted tolerance to preachers being jailed, Christians forced out of business and public schools teaching kids to try homosexuality. Parents are not allowed to opt out their children from LGBT indoctrination.

Leftists believe the masses are as shallow as they are — placing surface appearance above character. This is why leftists select front-persons based on race, gender and etc to be the face of leftists’ attacks on mainstream Americans. Leftists used Obama, a black. Then, leftists tried to use Hillary, a woman. Now, leftists are using David Hogg, a “yute”, to scam and bully the American people.

For example: Leftists used Obama as front-man. Obama’s skin color provided cover for him to unconstitutionally further leftists’ mission to transform America into a socialist/progressive nation. Opposing Obama was declared racist.

Leftists assumed Hillary would win the White House and they could use her gender for cover to continue implementing their agenda. Hillary and her fellow leftists still blame her crushing electoral defeat on misogyny.

Leftists are now using a 17 year old as their front-person. Hiding behind David Hogg, leftists are using his age and victim status as cover to further their mission to disarm law abiding Americans. Hogg is allowed to spout false leftists’ talking points and make unconstitutional irrational demands with impunity. Leftists are gang attacking, seeking to silence and destroy anyone who dares offer facts, truth and logic that contradicts Hogg’s rants. According to leftists, disagreeing with Hogg makes you a hater of children and a gun nut. Yes folks, leftists arrogantly believe they can bully us into surrendering to their irrational emotion driven mission to disarm decent Americans.

As usual, rabid insane leftist aggressors are attacking the mainstream, in this case law abiding gun-owners, while portraying themselves as innocent victims of aggression from we everyday Americans.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

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Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus, black conservative, The Unhyphenated American Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee Writer seen on Fox News, CNN and Newsmax TV Penned “American Tea Party Anthem” he performed at 500 rallies Authored “Confessions of a Black Conservative” Foreword by Michelle Malkin


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