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When you see pompous attention seeking public officials treating private citizens with distain and lack of courtesy for alleged mistakes as we saw with the oil crisis hearings it makes you wonder how these arrogant budget busters can in good conscience display any honest outrage.  I submit the following “interrogation” for the interrogators to consider as they pound the gavel of outrage.

Mr. Congressman, are you aware you are affiliated with an organization that is spending other people’s money without asking their approval?

Reply.  Er ah the Bush administration must be investigated and held accountable.

Mr. Congressman, are you saying you never voted for appropriations that you had no idea how they would be paid for?

Reply.  I may have voted for , let me retract that, I only voted for benefits for the people .

Mrs. Congresswoman, have you ever passed a bill you didn’t fully read and understand?

Reply.  We are so busy we don’t have time to read everything.

Mrs. Congresswoman, you evidently have enough time to pass and vote but not read and understand .  Is that correct?

Reply.  I didn’t say that.  I’m only saying sometimes we cannot read everything and we have advisors who coach us to make the right votes.

Mrs. Congresswoman, are you saying your advisors read everything and understand everything you vote on?  What is your job?

Reply.  I represent the people and look out for their welfare.

Mrs. Congresswoman, since you are part of a redistribution of wealth scheme, which people do you represent?  Don’t some people get better representation than others?  Do you favor those that give you more money , i.e. bribe you?

Reply.  Campaigning requires a lot of money.

Mr. Congressman, do you believe a criminal charge is appropriate for an accident?

Reply.  Well that all depends.

Mr. Congressman, are you saying there are some accidents that are criminal and others that are simply…accidental?

Reply.  I’d have to see the specifics to make a judgement.

Mr. Congressman, if there were an organization that followed a policy of spending money it didn’t have and destroyed the value of a country’s currency, wouldn’t you say that such an act could only be called deliberate?

Reply.  ER ah many people may have made some errors in judgement but I would first look at the bankers, the industrialists and the rich.

Mr. Congressman, are you saying the national debt is the result of people not paying enough to the government?  How high would you propose taxes be raised?

Reply.  I said nothing about raising taxes.   This is an election year you know.

Mr. Congressman.  Do you realize with the national debt far beyond our GDP there is not enough money anywhere in this country to pay off this debt?

Reply. That is only conjecture.  We have no official government figures.

Mr. Congressman, are you saying our national debt is nothing to worry about?

Reply.  Well I would not call it something as disastrous as a big oil spill.

So the destruction of a nation’s currency is minor compared to an oil spill?

Reply.  I wouldn’t say minor but far more manageable.

Mr. Congressman, If the destruction of our currency is a manageable disaster, how would you say we should address it and when?

Reply.  I really have to go now.  I have a meeting.


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