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Do you remember the Voice of America (VOA)? It’s charter states: “VOA news will be accurate, objective and comprehensive.” It’s objective was to accurately inform people in countries where news and information was suppressed. I propose that the VOA begin to broadcast to another country, The United States of America! It would be a counterweight and an alternative to the mainstream media in the USA. The mainstream media can no longer be trusted to objectively report on important issues facing the American people. In many cases, it’s not what the mainstream media reports it’s what they DON’T report. This suppression of news in America is exactly what the VOA was designed to combat. The media went to great lengths to suppress the truth about Benghazi, for example, has anyone heard of the whereabouts or disposition of the maker of the video (which supposedly incited the embassy attack)? Is he still in jail? Does anyone know that he went to jail? Does anyone even know his name? (It’s Nakoula Basseley by the way). And then there are the staged events and fabricated stories, consider:

  • CBS News – Dan Rather (2004): CBS aired a story questioning GW Bush’s National Guard Service and produced a forged document as evidence.
  • The New York Times – Jayson Blair (resigned 2003): They published an award winning story of his about a student who died of a cocaine overdose, when the student actually died of a heart ailment. (This was one of many false articles published by this gem of a reporter for “the paper of record”).
  • Rolling Stone Magazine – Sabrina Eredly (2014): They published “A Rape on Campus” in a now-retracted article, that claimed to describe a group sexual assault at the University of Virginia (UVA). It was later discovered to be false Rolling Stone retracted the story in its entirety on April 5, 2015. “The jury awarded University of Virginia administrator Nicole Eramo $3 million after finding Rolling Stone and a reporter defamed her”. (Insurance Journal 2/14/17).
  • ABC News – Linsey Davis (2016): The ABC News correspondent stood in a field in South Carolina, and described how a woman had been held captive in a container by a sex offender. In fact, they had staged the scene. “In fact, the police tape was tied to ABC News’ own equipment just off-camera, a photograph obtained by CNNMoney shows. Sources with knowledge of the matter say the tape was placed there by ABC News for the purpose of its inclusion in the live shot”. (Dylan Byers – @CNNMoney).

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If ever any country needed objective reporting like the Voice of America, it is America, and America needs it now.

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