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When faced with a tough decision, it can be valuable to take a deep breath and adjust our perspective. Sometimes a fun analogy can really help to crystallize a situation. Picture this: We are all on board a passenger ship in the middle of the ocean and our captain has abandoned ship. He has depleted our supplies and left us vulnerable in unfamiliar and shark-infested waters. No one on board is equipped to navigate the ship, so we need to find a captain now.

Alongside us on the right, a salty sea captain pulls up and barks out an offer to take the helm. He is covered with scars and tattoos, his language is peppered with obscenities, and he smells a bit offensive. We recoil somewhat from him and look to our left (our FAR left), where we can see a foreboding pirate ship barreling toward us. The frightening pirate lady steering the vessel is shrieking her intent to take command of our ship and enslave us and to gut or destroy our ship as she sees fit. We must make a choice. It is either the salty sea captain or the pirate. There is no other option.

Of course, there are several fellow passengers who claim that they could figure out how to steer the ship if only given the chance. None of them has any maritime experience. One of them seems to be a man of character and integrity, but he has never even been behind the wheel. Maybe he would master it eventually, but we are running out of time. We just can’t take the enormous risk of waiting to see if he could somehow learn the ropes quickly enough to get us away from that looming pirate ship.

Captain Salty isn’t someone I would ever ask to teach a Sunday school class or choose to date, but he sure looks like he knows how to navigate the sea, and he has an extensive, stellar crew of experienced sailors who will help him to get us safely home. In fact, this guy is the head of a successful fishing enterprise, and he has sailed the seas for decades, working hard and amassing great wealth. He expresses profound admiration for us and for our ship and vows to secure us safe passage and smooth sailing under his command.

Scary Pirate Lady, on the other hand, has no intention of getting us anywhere safely. Why, she despises us and is only interested in utilizing our ship to further her criminal exploits and add to her pirate booty! She too has amassed great wealth, but only by raiding and plundering what others have worked for; she is known to employ any means necessary to achieve her ends, including destroying the lives of those in her way without hesitation. The very sight of her pirate ship strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere who know the damage and devastation that inevitably follow in her wake. Further, the motley crew accompanying her is full of ruffians and criminals who rub their hands with glee at the possibility of gaining ahold of us and our ship.

In this situation, refusing to accept the captain’s offer is to effectively let the Pirate Lady commandeer our ship. And then we would all need life jackets! She ain’t altering her course unless she sees Salty at the helm and is forced to back down. For those who love their freedom, their family, their faith and their country, the upcoming election is life or death on every front.

Like it or not, right here, where we are RIGHT NOW, we need that salty sea captain. We need Donald Trump.


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