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Let’s organize our country around a historic effort to free this economy from a dependence on greenhouse gas emissions. While investing in the technologies and jobs in renewable energy that will speed the transition, and reassert our leadership on the world stage. America spends millions to purchase oil from other sources, while we have the knowledge to begin to harness our Solar, wind and natural gas to create most of the utilized power.

America must work on motorized technology to make vehicles more valuable to the masses. The technology to lower the costs of solar panels that may be used on home roofs, and create silent, better-organized windmill farms. America has the capacity and the technology, now we need the educational and creative sources that comes with a new group of employees in this new world of work.

The time has come that we realized the potential of the 5G networks, the validity of making safer highways, more educated drivers and passengers, better-equipped control of one’s vehicles, and to expand from these concepts to an ever-growing need of a better infrastructure from new highways, to supersonic speed trains and large better-equipped airplanes. We should no longer have cable, phone and power lines dangling from teetering poles, or in the line of accidents. No longer should the computer systems of private and public be at the mercy of nocturnal enemies attempting to destroy America.

Instead of Republicans looking at the real problems in America, they follow the ignorance of a President who does not understand that everything is not about a wall. While this President also has a history of making illegal money, raping teenage girls, and stealing over 41 million dollars from the low middle class and indigent with his fake university. Questions on education, renewable energy, resources for veterans, justice reform, and rewriting campaign finance laws are true problems in America.

American citizens need their tax money going towards real problems with real Americans. Money needs to be invested in new Veteran Hospitals and programs. Education needs to be revamped to be ready for the new technology. The cost of an education should never take a lifetime to repay. Justice to treat all people on the basis of culpability and not financial worth needs to be a top priority.

America needs a candidate that sees these as top priorities and has the plans in his mind and his heart. The next American President needs to believe in his rhetoric during the election. America has elected the first Black, and the first non-politician as the last two presidents. How has that really turned out for America? Can you say America is better today than it was 12 years ago? The mental stability of America is at the breaking point. America needs an honorable, integrity driven both sides of the aisle inviting Candidate for 2020. Special small interest groups cannot again push a poorly readied candidate over one with experience. Short Federal experience, honesty, and a willingness to listen are where America needs to look in 2020.

The current president utilizes an Authoritarianism approach. Authoritarianism doesn’t roll in with tanks. It rolls in slowly, undermining one law at a time. Authoritarianism happens while your watching TV or at the grocery store. It happens while you’re sleeping. Do you as an American wanted to be free, and live under the Constitution? Do you want to live under the Russian oligarchy style government with empty store shelves, controlled thought, and speech? This oligarchy is what the current President is attempting. We need a candidate to take honesty and integrity seriously.

The greatest Nation in the World should have nothing to fear from children fleeing violence, and children fleeing violence ought to have nothing to fear from the greatest Country in the World. *William Barr* admitted Mueller had “evidence of collusion” when he wrote to Congress that Mueller couldn’t “establish [beyond a reasonable doubt]” that the narrow collusive crime of conspiracy had occurred. The White House has been briefed on the Mueller report and there is a significant concern. The president’s team shows concern about what is in this report,” and “what worries them most is what Don McGahn says to the special counsel. These are just current issues in America. How can a country be free, when the leaders are tied to crime?

America must change its own trajectory by the citizens. The citizens need to remove the sludge that currently is tearing apart the very fabric of America. Not just for a few Supremacist and Cultist.

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