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For over three months now, I have watched the chains of events unfold in a country that reminds me of a grand thoroughbred horse that has contracted a disease one hopes is curable.

In its youth, the promise of performance was stunning.  It held its head up high, trotted as though to round up the world it perceived and more.  As in neared maturity and performed in many classic contests, it tripped up more than a few times, but its pride and self-confidence never wavered.  It has now grown old and, although that which had powered its spirit still remains, that too has grown old.

There is a remnant of Americans who not only remember the greatness of a patriotic country that outperformed every other nation, not just in the world, but in the history of the world.  They would love to see the youth of America stand up again and defend the history, brilliance, intelligence, and tenacity of America.  But what do we see.  They started in the sixties, when I was an unwitting member of that Baby Boomer generation that had been protected from the hardship, but also the benefits of hardship, by the parents who wanted their children to have it better than they did.  Spoon feeding their offspring, they made sure they were offered the finest in schooling, health care, and economic benefits that were derived from the blood, sweat, and tears of the men and women who offered their lives for the defense and prosperity of our country’s finest.  Those parents nurtured a nation of soft, self-seeking, egocentric, me-first, all for fun, disrespectful, generation who cared (and cares) only for themselves, the sexual freedom they sought to impose on our American culture, and demanding benefits they “deserved,” rather than learning one had to work hard for what one gets for the whole machine of society to work.

We, as Americans, are no longer the privileged who desire to contribute to our nation’s interests; rather we want all the blood we can squeeze out of that turnip.  John F. Kennedy’s statement, that was so roundly applauded when said, “Ask not what your nation can do for you; ask what you can do for your nation,” has been, and continues to be trampled into the dirt of our American soil.  Our disingenuous president Obama, truly the worst and most destructive force to have affected our nation in its history, not only made sure America was seen as the cause of the world’s problems, but that it should be the leader in trying to not only restore (which is a paradox, because that state never existed) greatness (defined as self-diminution) to the world, but to make sure economic, spiritual, emotional, and religious equality was the preeminent goal of all mankind;  A goal in which everyone strives to ingratiate himself to his elite ruling class/overseers.  He, himself, never learned how to work or earn a living.  He pushed for successful worker “A” to give of what he earned to support unsuccessful worker “B” at the same level of comfort as worker “A”.

It is mind boggling to think there are so many liberals in this country, and around the world, who think worker “A” would even consider continuing to produce at the same high level knowing the bulk of what he earned would support those who were unable and disinclined to contribute to their own welfare.  The state of nirvana they thought and continue to think can exist as a social experiment, whether under the guise of socialism, Marxism, or communism, has never worked and will never work.  Once worker “A” learns that he does not have to work to end up with what the average Joe is supposed to have, there will be a world-wide deficit of all forms of production and society will collapse on its own selfish face.

Call me the eternal optimist, but I find myself thinking, “Perhaps the overwhelming turnout of people who hate the elitists and self-righteous, self appointed directors of society and elected a self-thinking, non-appointed or bought, successful, wealthy, businessman to President, is a sign of better times to come.”  On the other hand, the “Marketing” of elitism and overlord-ship, by all manner of blood sucking, scum, of America is dying hard.  Will, through the struggle of good men, the already brain-washed youth of this country; the Muslim influenced, Satan worshiping, youth, who finds a good “one nights stand” far superior to an Abject deed to kneel at the foot of our creator (the one to whom they will ultimately answer, anyway), sway the population back to “Asking what we can do for our country?”  At this point, as unlikely as that might seem to the casual observer, if the election of someone like Trump may be seen as a sign that God is not yet ready for this “one nation under God” to give up its finest for eternal damnation, I, for one, continue to pray for that potential reprieve to grow into another Hurrah for America.  That would translate into a potential future for my children, my grandchildren, and the future of America being one of continued or recovered prosperity.  One where the USA is, once again, the shining light that inspires the world to better things.  Call me a dreamer, but one can dream, can’t one?

The American people wanted George Washington to be king.  After all, he had become a hero fighting for America’s freedom from a king.  Who better deserved it? He wisely chose to let America become great by allowing them the freedom out Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights gave us.  Thank God for his wisdom.

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