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America has gone through division, corruption, and so much hatred, that the citizens are now hardened to that, and expect it to occur on a regular basis. We have seen division in how to create a better economic arena, less division, and how to stop corruption in our Political leaders. America is so desperate for change that they have given up on integrity and principles when it comes to choosing a President, Senator, Representative, Governor or even Mayor.

We have seen several protests that are grassroots protests, paid protests, and politically induced protests. America needs to stop and protest only that division is destroying the fabric of America. America cannot continue to have so much division as what has been seen in the last eight years. We have seen hundreds of thousands of protesters out in force protesting the election of the President. The childlike approach to politics is less than honorable, to say the least.

The United States has over 239 million eligible voters, but less than 130 million voters actually participated. What happened to the other 109 million? Were they stopped from voting, not allowed to vote by their employers, or just too lazy to take the time to stand in line and cast their civic duty vote? How can America become unified, if you do not take the effort to vote, and choose a candidate, whether Independent party, Democrat or Republican?

We see supporters of Donald Trump calling the protesters “snowflakes”, but in reality, are not those who supported Trump, who have issues with his decorum, also not “snowflakes” for not taking time to research and find the actual candidate that represents their needs, and not just talk a game that makes so many people mad, angry and in the mood to protest. Hillary Clinton people stood and cried when she did not win but did they actually get out and bring the voters to the voting booths like Barack Obama did? Did Hillary offer unity or more large government, without talking about unification and opportunity? They seemed to be too interested in safe rooms, Play-Doh and stopping freedom of speech.

We need to grow up as a society, become more civic duty-minded, and do what is important to knowing everything they can about the candidates, whether it be the mayor, congressman, senator, or President. We need to realize that the consequences of our decisions are pertinent, and we are responsible for our decisions. We need to take credit for both the bad, and the good in our lives, and not be embarrassed that we learn from our errors. Time to unify in being human, frail, and Americans. Time for us to be more welcoming to differences and to turn our backs on hatred, racism, bigotry, corruption, and deceit.

America needs to unify. Unify in love of one another protecting one another, and accepting our differences in our growth as humans…


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