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A Global shift is well underway, and it is scheduled for the United States of America to lose on multiple levels.  Already America is no longer the only or premiere reserve currency, a position by which all economies and currencies in the world have been measured since 1945.  Mr. Trump is correct in stating American professional politicians have given away our Nation’s economic strengths in multiple dimensions, from manufacturing to technology; from educational instruction of critical thinking to science even health care and more, America is very rapidly sinking to second and even third tier status.  Our economy is close to depression levels, and our unemployment rates are already at depression range with an unemployment level more realistic at 25%, and getting worse.  China has been chosen to become the world-wide economic engine and reserve currency…but how did this occur, and what evidence is there to support my premise?

The below mentioned film: “America Death by China” is a very good place to begin the study of how, and to look at the growing evidence to support the premise I just declared.  Watch this film and ponder what it all means, and how will you fair given what you are about to see?  Now before you begin your journey via this film, may I add a closing thought?

The Chinese people are far more kind and gracious, hardworking and sincere than what is being broadcast.  To really grasp the world wide shifting taking place before our eyes, you must come to a full appreciation, if not understanding that the Global Elites care nothing about national sovereignty or political parties or people for that matter, and they are calling the shots.  For the most part the Elites share a common philosophy of absolute Marxism, and view the world in simple terms; Elites and privilege verse slaves to keep the Elites and privileged well fed and well taken care of.  That’s it!  The Elites are the same regardless of where they might currently live; from Russia or China, to Africa the Middle East, to Europe and America the Elites live a far different life style with a far different view and thinking; after-all they are the Elite and the rest of us are their slaves, some of us more useful than others, but still all expendable.  Such are the Chinese Government officials who are the beneficiaries of the decision to make China the premiere economic engine.  The people of China are still, for the most part, treated as indentured servants beholding to the government.  At the same time a strong and very real outpouring of God’s love is taking place among the people of China.  There truly is a remarkable move of the Holy Spirit and true Christian birth occurring, quite similar to what is recorded in the Book of Acts in the Bible.  House churches coming alive and multiplying, out-of-the-way meeting rooms where sincere and deep heart-felt prayer is taking place.  God is on the move through China, and the people, the hard working and giving people are responding with their hearts, and in many ways with their lives.  I wish America were experiencing the same resurgence in walking with the Lord and declaring: “How blessed is the nation whose God is Adonai, the people He chose as His heritage” (Pslam 33:12).   

So…please watch this mini-documentary.  See that which is taking place before your eyes, and gain some answers as to why.  This is a well-researched documentary.


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