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By Joe David

For too long, Washington Leaders have used their vast communication system to conceal the truth: The America so generously bequeathed to Americans by its Founding Fathers has been systematically corrupted.

In the past few years, since Donald Trump made his political debut, this has become especially apparent. Thanks to the President’s tweets and clever political moves, many Establishment Leaders have been exposed for what they really are. Today there is no secret about what many of them want to achieve. By spinning salient facts and pouring BleachBit on reason, they have been working hard to strengthen the divide in the country, by oftentimes resorting to irresponsible, in-your-face messaging to win support.


Recently elected Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D–MI) gained national attention by thrilling her followers, after winning a Congressional seat, with her now-famous outcry against the President, “we’re gonna go in there and we’re going to impeach the mother****er.” (Detroit Free Press) Like Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D – CA) who wants to take out the President (Fox News), Tlaib is trying to impeach the President without solid evidence of wrongdoing.

Having two Congresswomen express such an intent directly and crudely without evidence worries thinking Americans. Many still remember June 14, 2017, when Congressman Steve Scalise (R – LA) was seriously wounded during a Congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, by a shooter armed to take out a few Republican Congressmen. The timing of Congresswomen’s statements, after the attempted mass-murder, suggests the volatile political atmosphere both women seem to want to create. Neither of them, if true, have learned the lessons taught by the last Administration – that a divided country can ignite suddenly if its key leaders are quick to judge without all the facts.

Another “star” in Congress, making tabloid-type news for her careless comments is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). To her adoring supporters, she is affectionately known as AOC. To thinking Americans, she is known by a less flattering name. This former bartender and cum laude Boston University graduate has been stunning Americans with her outrageous ignorance, since her election to office. Some of her passionate comments have even won her many Pinocchios (awarded to her by the Washington Post for factual errors). Unfortunately, being corrected by the media hasn’t stopped her from spewing, unchecked, at the expense of truth and sensibility, anything that comes to mind.

One of her latest proposals, which has won her instant fame, is her Green New Deal. Most leaders in the know understand to shift America’s dependency from fossil fuel to renewable energy within the next decade or two (as the Congresswoman proposes) will only fail. America needs dependable energy to heat homes, to drive cars, and to fly planes. Without a reliable fuel source like fossil fuel, a powerful industrial nation like America would never be able to survive.

Committing trillions of dollars to developing a renewable energy without assurances of success is the surest way to bankrupt a nation and bring about its collapse.

If this cum laude graduate understood the fundamentals of capitalism, taught to her in her economics classes at Boston University, she wouldn’t believe taxing the rich 60 to 70 percent is the sensible way to finance a pipedream. Heavily taxing the rich and the productive foolishly, not only discourages wealth creation, but it also leads to capital waste, best exemplified by the default of the billion-dollar Solyndra Stimulus Project during the last administration. (Washington Times)

Senator and Presidential Hopeful “Spartacus” Cory Booker (D-NJ) is another “brilliant” member of the political scene. During the Judge Brett Kavanaugh hearing, he shocked the country by boldly defending the failure of the accuser (Christine Blasey Ford) to provide tangible evidence to support her charges against the judge of sexual misconduct. His reason was direct and clear: that’s okay. “Evidence doesn’t matter.” (The Daily Caller) Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said something equally as “brilliant.” “Nominees being considered for the political appointments have ‘no presumption of innocence’ – rejecting the most basic concept of the American justice system.” (Newt Gingrich on Fox News).

There are many more leaders worth noting, but I will only add three more names to my list. The first of the three is Ilhan Abdullahi Omar (D-MN) whose anti-Semitic views have attracted the full attention of the entire country. (“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel” – Commentary Magazine)  Having an anti-Semite in Congress and, worse, on the House Foreign Affairs Committee (where she can influence US export of arms and technology to other countries) could prove very harmful to international stability. Her contemptuous attitude toward the Jews also reveals a not-so-veiled contempt for America, because of its long-time support and respect for Israel. Therefore, it wouldn’t be too hard to guess what she would do, if she were given the authority to make decisions.

Presidential Aspirant Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), commonly known as “Pocahontas,” is another Establishment Leader worthy of special notation. To receive preferential treatment in education and work, she has had to distinguish herself from other candidates by claiming to be of Cherokee Indian heritage (all very arguable). In this upside-down world, she has literally made a “name” for herself by using identity politics to leap ahead of those who might be more qualified than she. Point: A country that subordinates talent and gives preferential treatment to specific groups (because of their identity) will eventually self-destruct. Ayn Rand in her famous novel Atlas Shrugged explains exactly why.

Finally, there is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who has become a household name for refusing to support a wall at our southern border, where drugs, illegal aliens, and terrorists enter with ease. Her argument is simple. A wall is, in her view, immoral, expensive, and unwise. (NBC) Does this mean she has no gate or wall around her homes, and her doors are always unlocked for strangers to enter, and it’s morally okay that her once lovely city (San Francisco) has been turned into an addict’s haven, a sanctuary city for criminals, and a hugeoutdoor latrine?

It has been often said that America is a strong nation and that, when it collapses, it will collapse from within. Thanks to the significant failures of our Leaders, this seems especially true today. When you add up all the “great” thoughts of all these “great” men and women, it is easy to understand how this will be achieved.

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