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I fear for America. I pray for America.
“It takes very little to govern good people. Very little. And bad people can’t be governed at all” ~ from ‘No Country for Old Men’ 2005
After President Trump’s tenure, whether it is four years or eight, America is a dead nation walking, a ghost of what once was in the fight between right and wrong and good and evil, as evidenced by Nancy Pelosi’s smile, full of malice and bad faith, like the smile on statues of the Aztec sun god, who demanded thousands of hearts to eat to prevent the end of the world. The world may not be ending for America, but the sight of the newly elected ragtag cast of anti-American Muslims and Socialists, taking their seats in Congress, is reminiscent of Ray Bradbury’s tale of heartbroken carnival freaks and a shadowy ringmaster on a mission from the heart of darkness, and it does not bode well for our institutions, the rule of law or America, unless conservative America effectively counters Socialist propaganda and indoctrination and starts fighting back tooth and nail to preserve the republic and our liberty.
The new Democratic majority Congress is all revved up, with the fervor of religious zealots, to continue its pursuit of toppling President Trump, through an inquisition that is designed to weaken, disable and impeach the man, who they view as the Golem of the White House, representing all that is wrong with America. The heart of their mission is to undo a heresy and the results of the 2016 presidential election, and they are willing to use thumbscrews, waterboards, bamboo splinters and any means necessary to accomplish this, or so it does seem.
Newly elected Michigan Democrat, Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib put her party’s goal in plain, course terms, just hours after swearing in on the Koran. At a rally hosted by MoveOn, a socialist group, near Capitol Hill, this Muslim radical Hamas supporter aimed her remarks at President Trump, and she stated she would help her Democratic Party to “impeach the motherfucker.”
Simpleton California Congressman Brad Sherman immediately filed his articles of impeachment, with the glee of a little boy, in hopes of impressing his San Fernando Valley constituents out for deplorable blood. And while Speaker Pelosi cautioned that some bit of a predicate crime was required, all Democrats are hopeful that Special Counsel Mueller will deliver the needed “proof” when he hurls down his accusation from on high.
President Trump will shortly have a new Attorney General at the Justice Department, William Barr, who might ask Mueller whether or not he has looked into the malfeasance and corrupt acts of the Justice Department and the FBI. Barr might also ask: Has all that monkey business in politicizing government agencies and scheming to undo President Trump, even turned up as a footnote in the holy grail of the Mueller report? Although America’s anti-American sectors of the Democratic Party are salivating over its potential content, it has now been delayed by a six-month extension of the “investigation.
The obvious double-standard that currently exists has many Americans aghast and void of any respect for “the Law”. It is all to clear Justice is dead in America. The accusations against President Trump drive this point home, especially when all of Conservative America understood that the Clintons, and even former president Obama, committed high crimes against the United States and should have been dressed in prison orange by now.
President Trump or anyone in his administration hasn’t done anything that remotely approaches Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s crimes. Surely America hasn’t forgotten Hillary’s email scandal as Secretary of State and her destruction of thousands of emails under a Congressional subpoena or the Clinton Foundation’s “pay for play” and the selling of the State Department favors and the illegal sale of America’s uranium resources to Russia. Surely America recalls Obama used government agencies, like the IRS and the FBI to illegally target conservatives; that his administration sold firearms to Mexican drug cartels resulting in numerous deaths from these weapons, including a U.S. Border Patrol officer; and the lies Obama told regarding the murders of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith in Benghazi. However, any suggestions that all of these require further investigation are shouted down by the Democrats and the Leftist media. And finally, what about the collusion between the FBI, the State Department, the Clinton campaign and Obama’s White House to undermine candidate Trump’s bid for the presidency and his presidency?
Even worse, the investigations into government corruption by Inspector General Michael Horowitz and Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber were, in fact, a cover-up. They hid the truth rather than sought it out, as they protected the criminals rather than charge them. And grand juries were never empaneled on the pertinent facts.
In the meantime, Hillary Clinton now smiles like an aging Cheshire cat, as Julian Assange is trapped like a tiny mouse, and the red, radical commie rats take over the U.S. House, chuckling to see our Courts side with black-robed mullah’s and Muslim misogynists against the reproductive rights of young girls and in favor of female genital mutilation. How humorous she must find Chief Justice Robert’s rebuke of President Trump and a conflicted rogue “special counsel” ruining the lives of good men and bad men alike, just so long as they connect to Trump, all with the blessings of a complicit Orwellian Fourth Estate.
Americans cannot fall into a trap of their own, morally paralyzed by believing there’s nothing to be done, becoming the hollow men of T.S. Elliot’s poem. For those patriots who understand what true liberty and the rule of law means, it is our duty to fight, fight, fight and set this country right if we wish to save the Constitution and the Republic. Let the Circus begin on Capitol Hill, and help the Democratic Party towards its own destruction, as all its darkness and malice is placed on full display, so America can be restored to Her senses and traditional values and truly work for Her citizens — We the American people, backed by institutions that restore our faith in our government.
“… prepare the way for the Lord; make straight in the desert a highway for our God. ~ Isaiah 40:3

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