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Republished with permission from Gary Gindler:

U.S. intelligence services (under the leadership of the Obama administration) considered themselves the true rulers of the country.  They noted with satisfaction that they had achieved impressive successes ever since the origin of the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover.  In fact, in 2016, for the first time in American history, the election had not one, but both presidential candidates under investigation by intelligence services.  The FBI conducted a criminal investigation against Hillary Clinton as well as a case of counter-espionage against Donald Trump.

To date, the criminal case of Hillary Clinton is closed.  But most of America understands perfectly well that Special Prosecutor Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign is not a means to an end, but a well-conceived cover-up operation aimed at shielding Obama, Clinton, and their closest associates.

So far, there is not a bit of proof of collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin.  Instead, everything points to cover up the criminal collusion between Obama and his intelligence services, which began in London.  In addition to American and British intelligence services, Australian, Estonian, Russian, and Ukrainian intelligence services participated in the American elections in 2016.

The efforts of all these intelligence services pressed against Trump, but only Russian intelligence services worked simultaneously against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (see details in the article “Protocols of the Elders of Spydom“).

The flow of information on Obamagate has now turned into an avalanche.  Just a few weeks ago, we knew that there were five Trump employees under the surveillance of the FBI, and there was one of Obama’s spies inside Trump campaign.  But now this information is outdated.  Now we know about the seven employees of Trump under the surveillance, and four spies embedded by the Obama administration into Trump’s campaign.  Perhaps this information will become obsolete by the time of this publication.

Two spies are well known – Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud.  Moreover, Halper, as it turned out, after the penetration into Trump campaign, tried to infiltrate Trump’s administration after his inauguration.  The third is an unknown person, referred to as “NSA agent.”  Suspicion of espionage is falling on Anatoly Samochornov as a fourth, the “interpreter” of the Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya, who was, in fact, the FBI agent who accompanied her at the meeting with Trump’s son, Manafort, and Kushner.

Of course, the FBI kept Veselnitskaya in the dark.  Her saga with the U.S. visa is a story by itself.  Her visa was overdue.  However, someone high enough from Obama’s Department of Justice made several calls.  Veselnitskaya not only received a visa but also had the opportunity to defend her client in an American court, even though she does not have a license to practice law in America.  By the way, 97% of political donations by employees of the Department of Justice in 2016 were for the campaign of Hillary Clinton!

Now we know that the surveillance of General Flynn was conducted at least six months before his ill-fated telephone conversation with the Russian ambassador in December 2016.  That is, the entire house of cards is falling apart, based on the fact that Flynn allegedly discussed with Kislyak the secret communication channel between Trump and Putin.  This phone call (or rather, the scandal associated with it) was used by the Obama administration and served as yet another smokescreen to cover up the administration’s criminal activities.

Now we know what “national security letters” are.  They are tricks of the U.S. intelligence services to track down Trump, which allowed them to organize surveillance without FISA court authorization.  These “national security letters” are a legitimate method of espionage business – a method that has never been used before to track domestic political opponents.

Finally, now we know (from the text message of FBI agent Strzok) that President Obama was behind this covert operation against Trump.  The propaganda has already convinced practically everyone that these ill-fated text messages were sent by Strzok to his mistress.  But something tells me that the “mistress,” Lisa Page, is yet another smokescreen, skillfully created by the FBI.

The active phase of the operation of U.S. intelligence agencies against Trump and his campaign took place from approximately March 2016 to September 2017.  That was about eight months before the elections, plus three months before the inauguration, plus about eight months after Trump took office as president.  U.S. intelligence services have all the documents of the Trump campaign (all emails, all phone calls, all texts) and, finally, reports of numerous “confidential human sources.”

There is enough material to answer this question unequivocally – “was there a criminal conspiracy between Trump and Putin or not?”  A quick answer to this question contradicts the primary task of Mueller’s investigation – the protection of Obama and his accomplices.

It was not the first time Obama’s intelligence services performed political espionage.  As we now know, the Obama administration conducted surveillance, including spies, during the elections in France in 2011 and 2012.  Obama’s spies infiltrated the campaign of the Socialist Party of France, the National Front, and the Union for a Popular Movement.

In other words, Obama’s agents were inside the campaign of Hollande (who won the election), former French President Sarkozy, and Marine Le Pen – that is, in the campaigns of candidates who took the first three places in the first round of voting.  As in the case of Trump, the infiltration of agents began about eight months before the election.  It seems that Obama’s CIA had a unique political spy protocol tied to the election calendar, which it followed scrupulously.

In the socialist Soviet Union, as is known, there was not only an external intelligence service (First Main Directorate of KGB) but also domestic (that is, political) intelligence service (Fifth Main Directorate of KGB).  The same services existed in the national-socialist Third Reich – external intelligence (VI Department of the RSHA) and domestic intelligence (IV Department of the RSHA), also known as the Gestapo.

There had never been anything like this before Obama.  All 17 U.S. intelligence organizations have always focused on working mainly outside the country.  Obama has every reason to add one more to his impressive list of leftist titles – the founder of American domestic political intelligence.

Thanks to Obama, America came to the point of political bifurcation.

In physics, a bifurcation is a point after which motion can occur along one of two incompatible but almost equiprobable trajectories.  In other words, this is a fork in the road.

What road will America choose?

America can turn to the right, and then our federal republic will return to the ideas of the U.S. founding fathers enshrined in the Constitution.

America can turn to the left and then, using the state apparatus for spying on the political opposition, will become a de facto norm.  Then we will quickly degenerate into one of the totalitarian one-party countries of the Third World.

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