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No matter where you fall on the Transgender bathroom argument, can we please have a fact based understanding of the issue at hand? Side (A) no men in the ladies room, standing up peeing  Side (B) No men in the men’s room in a dress standing up peeing

Now that we have that settled, where should they use  bathroom? As someone, who in my many job opportunities, was forced to clean restrooms that were both men and women’s. I have yet to see any urinals in the ladies room, and so it begs the question as to how little Susie is going to see Jim/Jane with his  privates out tinkling, unless they are using the sink to relieve themselves in the sink! Most drag queens, and i’m going out on the limb here to say that they will be observing proper decorum and  following the lead of the rest of the females in sitting on the toilet while doing ones business. So unless you have trained little Susie to make a regular habit of nose diving under the bathroom stalls to ensure all genital organs are female i’m at a loss as to how you come up with this theory.

I know that straight men have gone into the ladies bathroom to knock off a quick piece, and they the men were not in a dress, and there is not the uproar; I am quite sure that somewhere at some point a female has went into the men’s room to service a male, and still not the uproar! so what happened?

Government in all its wisdom decided to stick its nose where it didn’t belong! folks believe it or not  there has been men sleeping with men and females sleeping with females in the military, and other than the occasional jack off who picked the wrong guy or girl it usually got settled pretty quickly; Then don’t ask don’t tell came into play, spot light is turned on, peoples business got put in the street and there was a uproar over the new policy. Then the open push for being open and out with your sex preference, and now its the transgender push.

I would say you would be shocked, but then I really doubt it; you have no idea how many married, straight, politicians, military, lawyers, law enforcement, construction workers, preachers, church members, red necks, and every color you can think of that, when they think NOBODY knows that they sneak off and enjoy a walk on the wild side, or as your prim and proper folk would say stray a bit!!

So while I am pushing neither side, please don’t come with your wagon full of righteous indignation, and then be the very one taking a peak, or unzipping  to get your smile for the day, and then holler like a wild hyena because you are offended by someone else’s choice! Its not your business nor the governments business to be the bathroom police. If all else is right in the world then maybe, but I am for sure there are bigger fish to fry than this constant chirping about the toilet of choice.



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