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Statement: “The point of second amendment is not self defense … the overthrow of tyrants is the primary purpose. That means people have the right to buy weapons equal to today’s military.”

Response: “Does that mean I should be allowed to own a 10MT nuke?”

Answer and analysis: If it is government by, of and for the people, and not by, of and for tyrnats, only the individual has rights.

The government has privileges granted by the individual, and these privileges cannot exceed individual rights. If a government by of and for the people have the privilege of owning a 10MT thermonuclear bomb, we, the people, must have given it to them. If we didn’t, the government is an out of control tyranny which has usurped the rights of the individual.

So to say we do not have the right to have or use anything that “the government” is an admission of a tyrannical, totalitarian government — an out of control monster that has enslaved us.

We either have rights that we delegate or the collective owns us, “gives us” privileges, and “lets us” call them rights.

So, should the government “be allowed” to own a 10MT nuke? Should you individually? If the answer to the first is yes, the answer to the second is also yes, because you delegated the exercise of that right to them. If the answer to the first is no, the answer to the second is no, because you didn’t.

So, our country is either based on individual life, liberty and property or it is not. If not, we should admit and recognize that we have elected masters not servants and that we are slaves owned by a collective and run by despots.

If government is delegated power to do the will of the people, each person has the power to own and use any weapon that is owned or used by the government. So, of course, if you gave the government the privilege of having and using a 10MT bomb you have that right. If you didn’t then they don’t have that privilege.

So, if you do have the right to own any weapon that you need to protect yourself from other countries that have that technology but you, individually, couldn’t afford it, you got together with others to pool resources into a collective. Your collective did not acquire a right that exceeded your individual rights, your individual rights acquired a collective to perform your individual will.

If you have a right to protect yourself from all invaders foreign and domestic and you need a nuke to do it, build it yourself, be part of a collective that does it by pooling their resources or don’t do it, and risk invasion. In all cases it is your individual right. To make a collective, call it government and build it does not make it a superhuman that exceeds your individual rights — provided it is government by, of and for the people, and not by, of and for a selective group of overlord tyrants to whom we have made our rulers.

Your attempt at ridicule (“Can I own a 10MT Thermonuclear bomb?”) has backfired in a very strange way. It has forced you to come to grips with the fact that you must think and decide, for yourself, if you have elected rulers so that you may be their slave or you still think of yourself as an individual with freedom.

If you have elected your masters, you are a slave, you do not have the right to own any weapon, you are granted such privilege by the government. If the government is your servant and not your master, you have the right to own and use any weapon in any collective arsenal built to serve you.

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