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Democrat/Socialist thugs converted the Kavanaugh Hearings into a vulgar and hostile circus. Why? Women must be allowed to kill their babies at any time for any reason; and this man, who may vote against unrestricted abortions, must be stopped by any means necessary.

First, the Democrats interrupted Sen. Grassley as soon as he started speaking. Democrat Senators interrupted Sen Grassley 62 times in the first hour.  Next, the Democrats paid “protestors” to disrupt the hearings, scream insults at the nominee, and intimidate the Senators.*

Paying “protestors” is standard Democrat Operating Procedure. Project Veritas videos show Bob Creamer, working for Hillary & the DNC, admitting he found, trained, paid and deployed groups of violent protestors to start riots and attack seniors at Trump rallies; photograph the resulting chaos; and supply photos to a willing, liberal media. Even the 69-year-old woman in a wheelchair, who claimed an elderly Trump supporter beat her, was paid to stage the event. Creamer bragged they hired mentally deficient people, handicapped people; AFL-CIO union thugs, everyone.  All paid by the DNC*

Other protestors marched outside in the Halls of Congress wearing female outfits. A man paraded as a condom representing Code Pink, whose signature outfit is of female genitals.*  The atmosphere was so violent and vulgar that Kavanaugh’s little girls had to be escorted out.

Meantime, Democrats went all out to bully and threaten vulnerable Senators.  Senator Susan Collins told The Wall Street Journal that she found “”incredibly offensive”  out-of-state voicemails being left on the answering machines of her state offices. They actually threatened to rape one of her young female staffers.  Collins was sent a 3 foot phallus with obscenities suggesting she and her staff would be raped.*  Democrats even raised more than $1.1 million in a controversial crowdfunding campaign  to give to a Collins’ opponent if Collins voted for Kavanaugh. More than 40,000 donors contributed to the effort, which pledged they won’t be charged if Collins voted against Kavanaugh.  she told the conservative site Newsmax “I consider this quid pro quo fundraising to be the equivalent of an attempt to bribe me to vote against Judge Kavanaugh.” *

Despite this disgusting and vulgar spectacle; the confirmation proceeded and a vote was scheduled for the next day.

At the very last minute, Sen Diane Feinstein dropped the bomb.  She produced a letter written by Christine Blasey Ford.* She had received it 6 weeks previously.  But now, though they still haven’t shared the letter with the Republicans; Democrats claim this matter is of utmost and urgent importance!

The letter demanded anonymity, but nevertheless, the Accuser wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post about it.  She claimed Judge Kavanaugh had sexually attacked her and put her in fear for her life; though she admitted she suffered no harm.  This woman is a Democrat activist donning Pussy Hats and marching in opposition to President Trump.  She has voluminous social media, which she has now carefully deleted.

Intermittent Remembrance: This event had happened over 35 years ago when the Accuser was in high school.  But though she claimed it put her in fear of her life, she had never mentioned it to anyone.  She had forgotten about it.  But, in 2012, she miraculously remembered and raised it with a therapist.  Coincidentally, Kavanaugh was on the short list to be nominated to the Supreme Court if Romney had won in 2012.  But Obama won.  And the accuser forgot about it for the next 6 years.  She raised it only in 2018 when Kavanaugh was about to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.

She insists she never meant to come forward.  But she wrote her letter in July.  A Soros organization attorney was hired in August and she claims she passed a polygraph test at that time; though it is unclear what she could have passed when she was unable to provide any details of the alleged event.

Her story is full of holes.  She doesn’t remember when it happened or where; in which house and who owned it; or who else was there; or who invited her there or how she got home.  The only person she refers to, Mark Judge, denied the allegations and said Kavanaugh never behaved that way.*

65 women that Kavanaugh worked with have come forward with a letter attesting to his high moral character.  Over 200 women have now come forward saying the same thing.

Three Supreme Court Justices condemned the partisan behavior of the Democrats   Extreme liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who nevertheless got 92 votes, said, “The way it was, was right. The way it is is wrong,”*

Having claimed she is anxious to be heard; the Accuser now refuses to attend any hearing. Senator Grassley and the Republicans have gone out of their way to permit the Accuser to appear before the committee, in public or in private.  Grassley has even offered to send his staff to California to meet with her.

Of course, she would have to swear under oath and under penalty of perjury that what she said is true.  She has now refused to provide further details, and insists it is up to the FBI to corroborate what she had said!

The FBI should traipse around Maryland looking at every house with a pool; and then interview all people who went to any High School nearby between 1982 and 1984, 35 years ago; figure out who attended any party in this mysterious house; somehow find out who attended that particular party; and prove the Accuser’s  allegations for her.

According to the Accuser, her sole job is to simply accuse an innocent man; have him carry around the stigma that he could be a rapist for the rest of his life; hurt his family, harm his little girls; and destroy his social standing, his reputation, and his entire career.

Meantime, the Liberal Media is in high gear.  They intimidate Republicans by threatening that all women will vote against them if they don’t believe this woman.  They justify their disgusting and unfair treatment of Judge Kavanaugh by claiming “this is a lifetime appointment.”  But all government servants have lifetime appointments. Just listen to Stuart Karaffa, a govt state dept employee who works for the Socialists during his work hours, proudly announcing he cannot be fired! *

According to the Media, any time any woman makes any allegation against any man; no matter if he has 200 women attesting to him having lived an impeccable life; no matter the accuser waited 35 years to bring up the issue; and no matter she provided no details; the woman must automatically be believed.

Never mind our Constitution, the right to confront an accuser, the right to defend oneself and the fundamental right to be deemed innocent until proven guilty.

The Democrat-Media Mob trumps our Constitution.  Any man, accused by any woman, is automatically guilty. And all women should vote for Democrats.


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