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“Donald Trump just wants a wall because he’s racist.  Just having a wall on the border won’t work.”


A border wall to enhance security and restrict the flood of illegal immigrants into America is a necessary element and has nothing to do with racism.  The left co-opts every issue to politicize and corrupt it.  If you don’t submit to their dogma, then you are damned as blasphemous.  From Russian collusion to capitalism to illegal aliens to racism to climate change, every Democrat issue takes a legitimate concern and warps it into their destructive agenda to unmake America.  They weaponize government agencies from the IRS to the EPA to punish those who do not bow and kiss their ring.  Democrats want to overthrow the presidency and establish themselves as rulers with Pelosi as queen or Obama as king.

President Trump negotiates when Pelosi will not while claiming Trump is childish

Democrats Pelosi and Schumer are striving mightily to characterize President Trump as infantile while they live up to their party’s mascot acting as stubborn asses refusing to give an inch but wanting a mile.  Which is more childish?  Walking out of a negotiate that’s not a negotiation, or going into a negotiation insulting the other party saying they would only give him a dollar for a border security wall out of a $4T budget?  Democrats slander Trump as childish claiming he had prostitutes urinate on Obama’s bed in Moscow.  This is not the action of an alpha male like Trump, but an impotent person like Barack Hussein O.  Men like Donald Trump bow to no one and are willing to stand and fight for what is right.  There can be no compromise with Democrats that will not result in the leftist media announcing that Pelosi defeated Trump.  He must crush them now or be lost.

Democrats went to Puerto Rico to party while lamenting federal workers not getting a paycheck during this shutdown as they obstinately refuse to secure the border.  They scream criminal at Trump delaying the paychecks of 800,000 government employees, yet were silent when Obama closed coal mines putting 800,000 miners out of a job.  They piss on Angel Moms who come to their offices crying over their loved ones murdered by the illegal aliens Democrats imported.  Which of the two parties is immature and destructive?  The answer is obvious to those with moral intelligence.  Every Democrat who gets in front of a camera ignores all questions of their character while struggling to slander President Trump by mischaracterizing their own childishness.  Donald Trump has dismantled most of the damage to America Obama has done leaving Democrats grasping to hold onto their imported welfare voter slaves.  Canceling Pelosi’s junket to schmooze the troops and Egyptians while leaving federal employees to “suffer” and the border open was the act of a father reprimanding a contemptuous, rebellious child.

President Trump grounds Pelosi

President Trump wrote to Speaker Pelosi canceling her romp:

“Due to the shutdown, I’m sorry to inform you your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed. We will reschedule this seven-day excursion when the shutdown is over. In light of the 800,000 great American workers not receiving pay, I’m sure you would agree that postponing this PR event of yours is totally appropriate. I also feel that during this period it’d be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end the shutdown. Obviously, if you’d like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative.”

He concluded:

“I look forward to seeing you soon and look even more forward to seeing our open and dangerous Southern Border finally receive the attention, funding, and security it so desperately deserves.”

When leftists try to spit sh*t out of their mouths at Donald Trump he takes it in his hand and shoves it back in their faces!  Only a real man, a real leader, would stand up to leftist Democrat B.S. in this way.  It would be great to see President Trump put FBI surveillance on these anti-America power-mongers of the left who believe they can rule over the people.  These Democrats like Pelosi don’t dare negotiate with President Trump in good faith in front of cameras.  They must have their closed-door meetings so they can come out and speak their lies to the people as they did after his Oval Office meeting with them.  You know that if they are willing to lie even after the truth is seen on camera that they haven’t got an honest bone in their bodies.

Build the Wall

A wall is a necessary component of a border security system.  President Trump is not asking for just a wall.  He is building it as part of the border security system that includes electronics and men to guard it.  The wall is necessary to restrict border crossings to a manageable segment of a two-thousand-mile border.  Along with the wall, there will be entry points that restrict people so they can be examined before allowing their entry.  There will also be electronic systems built into the wall to detect people approaching, crossing illegally, climbing over, cutting through, or tunneling under.  Drones and people and other electronic surveillance complete the system.  For Democrats to suggest he wants only a big brick wall is the pinnacle of stupidity.

Why do stadiums have walls?  So that all visitors must enter through gates where they can be screened.  If they didn’t and people could just enter in a mob, how would anyone check tickets?  They don’t just have a wall with no door.  They have a wall with limited gates and there are people and electronics there to do check entrants.  The wall is just a piece of the system to restrict access and make certain that people don’t steal inside.  The same principle applies at the border and for Democrats to argue that President Trump doesn’t understand this is just slightly less stupid than people who believe that’s how he thinks.

This all proves that Democrats are a dumb as they are devious.  The vital reason to watch conservative media like FOX News and listen to people like Rush Limbaugh is that leftist media never presents both sides of the argument.  The Democrat media always portrays conservative Christian Republicans as their caricature of them rather than what they actually represent.  Only on FOX News will they have actual conservatives debate actual liberals.  Rush Limbaugh presents both sides and weighs their arguments side by side including exposing the fallacies and lies of liberal pundits.

Democrats are a pack of criminals who lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what they want.  They are what happens when southern slavers and northern gangsters get into government.  When they get caught committing their crimes, they always deny it as criminals do, blame others, and attempt to justify their actions as deserved.  Like their social media scammers that are censoring conservative Christians while promoting liberal socialists, they’re like children caught with their hands in the cookie.  They hold the cookie behind their back and deny they took one.  These leftist simpletons never learned the lesson of Pinocchio.

AOC, as leftists are now referring to Chiquita Khrushchev, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is so dumb she thinks she was elected to be a radical agitator harassing members of Congress.  She made a YouTube video of her wandering the halls looking for Republicans Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to harangue him over the shutdown, but the doofus didn’t know how to find his office in the Capitol.  She said she and her comrades will “run train,” i.e. gang rape Trump and conservative Republicans.  No doubt at the SotU, Democrats like her will be banging their shoes on the tables and having agitators in the peanut gallery heckle the President during his address as they did at the Kavanaugh hearing.  Obama was once called out for his lies and Democrats pitched a hissy, but Obama told major lies every address he gave.  Leftists cannot allow Trump to speak the truth about Democrats.

Liberals cannot be honest lest it exposes the malice of the Democrat agenda.  They are so devoid of intelligent thought that they believe Rush forced the president to shut down the government as if he has any power over him.  They say to keep politics out of the public, yet they impose their ideology on sports by condemning and disallowing soldiers to post a patriotic video during the Super Bowl in response to players protesting against police during the anthem.  They believe no one sees that they endorse criminals over citizens as they cast citizens as immoral.

Other leftist false premises include:

  • Toxic masculinity
  • White privilege
  • Russian collusion
  • Trump obstruction
  • Republicans are racist
  • Socialism is beneficial
  • Taxation creates wealth
  • Government shares wealth
  • Taking guns from citizens will stop criminals
  • Illegal aliens help the economy
  • Global warming can be worsened or controlled by man

The two greatest cultural frauds of Democrats are climate change not being a natural event over which mankind has no influence and illegal aliens being necessary to improve the economy.  Democrats saying they need your money to “save the planet” is the biggest and oldest farce in the world.  It’s akin to shaman’s saying they can stop volcanoes from erupting by sacrificing the virgin who refused to have sex with their ugly old selves.  The other is that illegal aliens help the economy.  The only economy they help are the rich Democrats who want cheap labor and free votes.

Everything Democrats do is illegal and criminal, and no citizen should abide them let alone be fool enough to be duped by them.  America cannot survive with Democrat voter fraud working to undo the Constitution and establish themselves as America’s rulers.  Russia didn’t hack the election.  President Trump won because the morally intelligent citizens won the day.  Democrats only win by duping people and committing massive voter fraud with illegal ballots and illegal voters.  Now it is up to the president to investigate and prosecute Democrat crimes from voter fraud to their coup attempt before the nation falls into darkness.

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