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Is the clandestine warfare of cowards intensifying?”

Alert! Night Chemtrails! What appears to be a MEGA Chemtrail at night, on closer inspection is the combined clandestine efforts of 8-12 aircraft spraying a chemtrail mixture through nanotubing. Tremendous draconian flying precision. Why at night? What is this about? Will you watch for this over your city?

Please click here to see what we’re all watching for!

Do these comprise NWO drills or are they the real thing? Is this the dark effort of foreign pilots?  The hypocrisy of the NWO is achieved even in the night skies! For while they use environmentalism to gain the moral high ground – stating that environmental problems are with out boundaries, therefore calling for a central world government – the environment is clandestinely polluted with chemtrails even at night!

For twenty years, Vigileaks has observed the grid patterns of chemtrails. Horizontal lines, vertical lines, or both in aerial Bingo-card-like configurations. And when flying above the clouds, there are often far more chemtrails to be seen, lurking above clouds, than what is observable below clouds.

But this is the first time in two decades Vigileaks has observed night chemtrails! And while this appears to be a MEGA chemtrail, it is actually the combined efforts of 8-12 planes complicit in environmental crime!  Such tremendous precision for tremendous destruction!

Out of desperation, is the NWO escalating efforts for global domination? If so, everyone in their respective cities and rural areas need to be vigilant! For 2.5 billion worldwide or less are needed for the activation of the world-govt. cashless system, conducted three stories undergound in Brussels, Belgium.

And this may be their Machiavellian Day to bring it about! Eugenics can appear in many forms, whether primitive or through cutting-edge technology. Chemtrails represent weaponized warfare under a well-paid Rothschild and Soros agenda, quietly destroying populations to make the prophesied cashless system work.

There is no historical precedent for chemtrail de-population measures. (Though one can observe chemtrails during the day over WWII Portugal.) But why are these now sprayed at night? What is in them? Are these incremental poisons to kill us slowly? Or are these one of the binary poisons to combine elements in air and water supplies?

Please click here to see how nearly imperceptible they are! And please leave your comments on the following questions: If seen in your area, who would you report these to? Who would listen and who would not? What can be done? Will President Trump stop this in time?  Please share widely to observers in other cities and states!

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