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“ISIS in the Skies…?”

Has the whole world gone mad? While Russia and America are focusing on Syria, is the Islamic world focusing on Sirius?

Click here to see what appears to be an Islamic Space Station… Complete with Minarets and domed structures, the high-tech station smacks of Muslim Middle Eastern design!

Dear God. If an EMP threat from Iran, North Korea and Russia were not enough, are we witnessing Islam taking weaponized space to a new level?

While science fiction often takes its liberties and presents minarets and dome-like structures from other galaxies, is it possible this station, filmed December 29, originated on earth?

Is the military/industrial complex prepared for this? Or are they clandestinely behind this? If truly Muslim technology, what are the implications for Israel’s otherwise cutting-edge space weaponry?

Islam holds that “the physical laws are numberless and likely make up more than 99% of the laws ‘which govern Allah’s creation.’ The establishment of an Islamic state is an imperative ‘for all mankind.’”

Egypt launched its first satellite in 2007, with help from Ukraine. It announced that it planned to launch a second satellite and aggressively pursue the creation of an African Space Station (Muslim?) to compete with the International Space Station (ISS).

Muslim astronauts include Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, Muhammed Faris, AbdulAhad Mohmand.

Toktar Aubakirov, Talgat Musabayev, and others. The Telegraph reported in 2010: The head of Nasa said Barack Obama told him to make “reaching out to the Muslim world” one of the space agency’s top priorities. Space exploration programs in Muslim countries are discussed here.  Is NASA part of the swamp to be drained?

Is President Trump prepared with protectionist borders and shields for potential space threats, for which there are currently no historical precedents? Does the clandestine science of the Muslim world believe it has a mandate to create its own orbs, for receiving Allah and implementing global Sharia Law?

One thing for sure: The dominant colors in this captured UFO station are green and white. These colors of the Islamic flag now blaze nightly from the sky. Will earth soon be experiencing in Sharia-dominating Arabic, “Houston, YOU have a problem…”

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