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Every day we see and read more and more comments and articles that show shock and horror at what the current POTUS has done.  The vitriol and fiery anger is directed at Obama as being the most insensitive and culture/society-wrecking person on the Earth. I agree!

However…it ain’t Obama’s fault.  What he’s doing to this once great Country is exactly what he TOLD us he would do 7 years ago during his first campaign for President.  The People didn’t LISTEN!!

Everything that is happening today to destroy our Country is what Obama promised he would do.  We knew a lot of truth about him mixed in with some lies…the biggest being that he was a Christian.  I can say this without a shred of doubt for three reasons.

  1. He has stated that the sweetest sound in the World is the Muslim prayer in the evening. (No Christian would EVER say that)
  2. In his book he wrote that if any issue or problem arose in the World…”he would side with the Muslims”. (No Christian would EVER say that)
  3. He attended a church for 15-20 years that preached racial discrimination and shouted “God Damn America” from the pulpit. (No Christian would allow that rhetoric or support that type of church)

So I’ve explained MY thoughts on his claim to being a Christian…but really…only God knows.  I just know that the Bible states that we will be known by our fruit.  Obama’s fruit is rotten and stinks and that stink is smelling up our Country.

We were told and had plenty of information PRIOR to the first election to make an informed vote.  Here is a small list of the things Obama promised Americans.  See how many you can recognize that were repeated numerous times during the course of the campaign.

  1. See number 1 above
  2. See number 2 above
  3. Also in his book were references to his heroes which were all agitators, terrorists, Marxists, Communists and the like
  4. See number 3 above and include that not only did he attend the church but considered the Rev. Jeremiah Wright as his mentor and Uncle
  5. We knew he started his planning for running for office in the living room of convicted terrorist Bill Ayers
  6. He told us he would form a National Militia within the United States (is that the reason his government agencies have been buying up millions of rounds of ammunition?)
  7. He told us that our arrogance in the World was responsible for the anger from other Countries especially those in the Middle East (so why would we be surprised at the “Apology Tour”?)
  8. He told us that he was going to destroy the Coal industry and told us it would “necessarily lead to increased utility bills”
  9. He told us that his opinion on homosexual issues was “evolving” which any sane man/woman knew that he would change his opinion
  10. He told us he was going to take troops out of the Middle East conflict as quickly as possible (which any sane person knew would leave them in ruins and allow radical Muslims to take over)
  11. We KNEW he did not submit the proper LEGAL documents about his birth (no conspiracy talk here…I just know that the last “official” birth certificate he produced listed a Hospital name that was not in existence in the year he stated he was born) I couldn’t get a Passport with what he produced
  12. We knew that all his higher education records were sealed and that many students claimed to have never seen or heard of him on campus including one man that attended the same class as Obama
  13. The Connecticut Social Security card he carries is subject to question since he never lived in that state
  14. We knew upfront that he refused to let anyone see his Passport

The list could go on-and-on.  But this will suffice for the purposes of this article.  And the purpose is to inform all who read this, to have people understand that what Obama is doing to this Country should not be a surprise to anyone and is not Obama’s fault that he is doing what he TOLD us he was going to do.

The blame and fault lies with those who VOTED for him. They fell in love with his charisma and his awesome speeches and did not listen to what he actually said and did not ask enough questions about his past, his records, and actual accomplishments in life.

We need to blame our “dumbed-down young people”, our “liberal idiots” (that will mostly be protected while Obama is in office), and all the thousands of “guilty” citizens who voted for him to assuage their racial guilt.

Again…we can all pretty much blame our Country’s demise on Obama and his actions…but he is doing what he SAID he would do and the idiot voters did not pay attention to what serious implications would arise according based on what he said he would do.  It Ain’t Obama’s Fault.


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