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At a time when American needs a legal eagle who is a lion of law the nation has Jeff Sessions. 

Yes, he was the first senator to jump on the Trump Train.  Yes, he has stayed loyal.  Yes, he has always spoken for righteous conservative values.  But when it comes to action, and that time has come, Jeff Sessions is sitting on his thumbs leaving it in the waiting room. 

His rebuking Democrat government criminals and traitors with his words is worse than meek.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton used fraud to obtain a FISA warrant, not to spy on America’s enemies as intended, but to spy on Trump.

Governor Brown of California and Mayor Schaaf of Oakland not only violate the law, but aid and abet law breakers that sneak into the country to take jobs and benefits from American citizens, and worse, they provide aid and comfort to America’s enemies who commit violent crimes.

These people are not just doing what is bad, they are not just committing crimes, they are not just violating the Constitution.

These people are betraying the people to America’s enemies.

Liberals cannot debate the facts because they don’t know them.

A conservative can debate the policies and agendas of both Democrats and Republicans.  A liberal can only debate the leftist talking points of what they believe the Democrats and Republicans to be.  What makes that worse is that they believe that conservatives don’t debate the facts but debate only the talking of what they think Republicans believe.  So, when their governors and mayors say they are providing sanctuary cities for illegal aliens in violation of the Constitution they deny it.  They think what their leaders are doing is legal and righteous.  How are their actions righteous to American citizens whose jobs are lost to the cheap labor they import and who are victims of the criminals they allow to roam free?

Republicans aren’t making up these facts, but that’s what liberals believe, and they want everyone else to join them in their delusions and vote for more of what Democrats are shoveling.

Condoleezza Rice reviled Democrat Adam Schiff for Mueller’s bogus investigation burning millions of taxpayer dollars.  As they slow walk digging through Republican’s garbage bags for anything by which to declare they should be burned at the stake, liberals believe they have the October Surprise to turn the nation against the greatness that Trump is bringing back.  Last Sunday Rice told Schiff to “Sh*t or get off the pot,” but Schiff is content to sit and strain until he blows out a hemorrhoid and gets a double hernia in the hopes that liberals will be impressed by what he and Mueller push out.

Sessions has known about FISA for over a year and is only now thinking about looking into it.

Governors and mayors violate the law and he merely chastises them, so they in turn spit in his eye.  Illegals commit heinous crimes and Democrats protect them from being deported.  When these foreigners invade America to rape, rob, and kill Americans they shouldn’t be deported, they should be executed!  Citizens under the Constitution have rights to legal representation when they commit murder, but aliens who commit murder do not and deporting them is the worst injustice imaginable allowing them to get away with their crimes against humanity.

Democrats say they are Americans, claim they are patriots, yet they despise the American flag, want to tear up the Constitution, and betray the American people.

How deluded the half of Democrats must be who believe that the other half of Democrats who hate this country and are working to destroy it are actually doing good?

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