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It is simply amazing to witness the quadrennial acts of political suicide that Black people in America inflict on themselves.  Too many African-Americans have been so brainwashed by government entitlement programs that they have willingly become political slaves on the Democrat Party plantation.

The Black Community is stage-managed by corrupt race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and Michael Eric Dyson. These Black “leaders” reprise the roll of erstwhile House Negroes who controlled the rest of the slaves. Modern-day House Negroes like Sharpton and Dyson do that job for the Democrat Party today. Of course the guilt-ridden, white Democrat Party plantation owners employ the liberal media to give voice and currency to this disgraceful situation.  They all helped mutate Obama’s “Hope and Change” into political “Rope and Chains” for Black voters.

The most recent example of this racial psychosis is the treatment visited upon Donald Trump. While most Black people usually treat Republican presidential candidates with distain and ridicule (Romney was actually booed at the NAACP Convention), the levels of invective are particularly high with Trump.  First, the media and hypnotized Blacks attacked Trump for reaching out to African-Americans at non-Black venues. But those very same nitwits then attacked Trump when he conducted his outreach at a Black church.  Laughable.

In truth, there is NOTHING viable that Trump (or any Republican of any color) could say to gain traction in the Black community today.  That’s how effective the brainwashing has been. Wash. Rinse. Hang dry. Repeat.

Trump and the GOP know they can’t move the needle with Blacks in this cycle.  While he spoke at a Black church, Trump’s real target audience was white, moderate Republicans and Independents who are still looking for an excuse to vote for him but are wary because the media has falsely branded him a racist.  Who thinks NBC would broadcast a national TV show hosted by a racist on their network for nine years?

As a direct result of being lashed to the Democrat Party almost exclusively for the past 30 years, the African-American community has made itself politically irrelevant.

Democrats take Blacks for granted without consequence.  Liberals can simply pay mere lip service to the Black people secure in the knowledge that the vast majority of Black people are now mentally programmed to reflexively pull the lever for Democrats. Blacks were plantation slaves in the past but are political robots today.

(Dirty little secret: Trump doesn’t need Black votes to win but Clinton does.   Nixon, Reagan and both Bushes won with nary 6% of the Black vote. Other Republicans and Conservatives don’t need Black votes to retain control of Congress or state seats because they won those races without Black support in the first place.  In addition, Black people usually have the lowest Election Day turnout of all ethnic groups. That means Clinton will suffer a mega-drop in Black votes since Obama isn’t on the ballot. Republicans, Democrats and the media will never admit this publically but it’s true.)

Obama and Democrats spent Billions to resettle illegal aliens from south of the border and immigrants from the far-east. Those poor, uneducated and untrained migrants are willing to work for rock-bottom pay. Not only do they depress local wages, they also take jobs away from Black people who dearly need them. That’s one reason why the Black unemployment rate is twice that of Whites.

Obama and Democrats misused billions to resettle foreigners. Black enrollment in food stamp programs doubled under Obama. Black unemployment rates in Democrat controlled cities are north of 15%. Democrat teacher unions force poor Blacks to attend failing inner-city schools by killing School Voucher projects.  Democrats worship at the LGBT Alter on bended knee despite knowing that most Blacks reject gay marriage.

And Hillary Clinton promises to continue those Obama policies.

But despite all of the above….those Black people who actually do vote….will vote Democrat 97% of the time. That means one thing: most of them will remain poor, under-educated and politically irrelevant until they get off the Democrat plantation.

New Centurion


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