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While our opening graphic expresses the sexist side of Affirmative Action it also documents the fact that cartoonists have been timid in criticizing the racial side of the policy.  It is typical for the left to go off “half-cocked” in hatching a policy like “Affirmative Action” with little thought to the broader implications.  They include sex, as here illustrated, all the way to  “LGBT” issues, which are really ridiculous as every cell of a man’s body is different from every woman’s.  There is no known way to turn a man into a woman and there probably never will be.

If a guy thinks he wants to be a woman we should send him to a camp where we put stick on breasts on him, lace him up in a corset, put nylon stockings on him on a hot day, four inch heels and make him walk a mile.  That will cure the syndrome in one day and we should consider this seriously as LGBT people have a suicide rate that is ten times the average, i.e. 46% when they realize what they did in getting a penectomy.

Meanwhile in California:  Several campuses of the UC system are working at ways to increase their minority enrollment by lowering the standards for those with other than white skin!  For this to be called anything but racism is ridiculous.

In the worst cases of “Affirmative Action” we put people into situations where they will fail disastrously only to make a worse reputation for their race in what is legislated disgrace or sabotage.

Before Affirmative Action it was intelligent to look for a “black” doctor as he would be a person that had overcome racial prejudice with superior performance and that is who smart people want for doctors!  I had the opportunity to make such selections twice and got the most intelligent medical care as a result.  One did my cataract eye operations.  Since Affirmative Action I am much more cautious and now wonder about all minority medical people.  Such is the consequence of “Affirmative Action.”

(Picture Soto. & Thomas)

In the most bizarre episode of our history Conservative Clarence Thomas suffered at the hands of angry Democrats who accused him of everything they could think of, but never brought to the fore the one thing he was short on and that was judicial experience.  Justice Thomas is a fine man who has written fine opinions documenting his intellect and grace.  He is a real gentleman.  His critics were not.

Justice Sotomayor is another story and while she has not made any great mistakes, she has been a bit of a “lump” on the court which is damaging as a lack of performance the court does not need, but can survive as most of the other Justices are hard-working, serious people.  Why can’t we learn to eliminate racial prejudice rather than invent a new version of it?  As it is defined today: Affirmative Action is racist.

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