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Is the media exercising their 1st Amendment rights to “speak truth to power,” or are they just a bunch of hate-filled Democrat propagandists?  Does The Donald’s calling them out on lying constitute restricting the freedom of the press?

Republican Senator John McCain, long known as a RINO, once again speaks up to defend the leftwing Democrat media.  Following President Trump’s chastising them for the hateful reporting the Democrats went to their cameras and slandered Trump just as he said they would.  McCain coming to their defense is another example of his true colors.  Of course he goes to CNN, the new home of fake news, to speak with his forked tongue and spew his poison.

McCain says Trump behaving like a dictator restricting the press

This is just pure stupidity that anyone believes they can smear Trump but should be immune from being condemned for their lies.  The relationship between the President and the press corps is not the same as a leftist’s relationship with his wife where he gets to beat her and she has to say she deserved it.  Journalism is supposed to report the facts and tell the truth, not be free to make up sh*t as they go.  Fake news doesn’t come from the Internet bloggers, but from the Mainstream Media.

All interaction is a two-way street, and the people who are supposed to be the watchdogs of those in power are instead being the attack dogs of those who are out of power.  President Trump, as do we all, has the perfect right to slap them down when they lie and twist the truth to fit the propaganda of their Democrat masters.  President George W. Bush allowed the media to lie about him for eight years and spread all the lies they wanted.  The result was the election of Barack Hussein Obama, a racist America hating Moslem, to the office of Leader of the Free World where he used that power to bring down America and revive the Jihad.

The press’ freedom isn’t being restricted.  They are calling Trump Hitler and the restriction of Moslem immigration into America the new Holocaust.  The people who deny that the Jews were exterminated in concentration camps are saying that keeping Moslems from immigrating to America, where all they want to do is impose Sharia on the land of the free and make white people their slaves, is the same as putting them into gas chambers.  This is nothing less than delusional, and nothing more than treachery.  The free press is NOT free to lie and propagandize as they please.  I stopped listening to their opinionated reporting when I turned 30 and realized how they warped the truth.  Those who speak with two-faces have every right to talk, but they DO NOT have a right to force us to believe them!

Trump grabs media watchdogs by the scruff!

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