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Why would the party who for years was supposedly the party of the Compassionate Conservatives destroy competition in healthcare? The party that believed Competition was the best way to lower prices and to make great leaps and bounds in any area? Has Donald J. Trump just turned every supporter into a hating machine out to destroy, hurt, and devastate every non-conforming body in America? Is this not the fascist, communist, tyrannical way to control one’s Country’s society?

We have on the books one of the largest fiascos ever created by the federal government, but to just dismantle it, and toss millions in the culverts along the highway is not the answer DC!  Every human from conception to natural death must be afforded the best healthcare the world can offer. That is not going to ever happen if the Federal government is involved!!!

Competition creates ingenuity, fair pricing, and a desire to be number one. That is human nature at the core. Why not take that very simple technique and turn the ACA into the most competitive, most experimental giant in medical advancement the world has ever seen, while keeping every American safe and secure when it comes to medical care?

Break it down. First and foremost the medical healthcare program must not have American Borders. Every state can compete to get the best pricing from the strongest Insurance company. Secondly, hospitals must be paid a living, growing, index rising price for all procedures that will allow them to treat everyone fairly and mercifully.

Legitimate scientific companies that work in the advancement of medicine must be treated as they are part of the Security of America. They must be given every opportunity to secure the greatest minds, the strongest desires to succeed. These companies should be as important to America as apple pie, baseball, and the military. We need to streamline the payout system of these huge Goliath of medicare, Medicaid, disability. It needs to all go back to the states. Allow the states to pay for these programs in a way that will benefit their constituents and not some big city slicker or some illegal immigrant from gaining wealth over the system. The only Federal guideline needs to be is that no one from pre-birth to natural death can be denied access to healthcare and insurance, period. Then the federal government needs to get out of the healthcare business.

States need to compete to gain these large pharmaceuticals to build plants and distribution centers in their states, they need to make it worthwhile for Insurance companies to compete profitably in their states, and finally, do not make a child pay for the abortion by a woman, nor make a woman pay for the enlargement of a man’s desire. Let’s get real here. I will never become pregnant, nor will I need a mammogram, but a woman will never need a prostrate exam, so let us get our act together on rules and regulations.

Time to stop the DC politicians from gaining wealth from pharmaceuticals and Insurance giants, and allow that money to do what is right back at home in the states that really need help!!! We do not need to be taxed as though we are children for what we eat, or drink when it comes to extra taxes. That does not stop people, just financially hurt the low to poor income citizens.


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