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Abortion. The Real Uncomfortable Truth.

Let’s face it: abortion is a hot-button issue. And when I say hot, I mean—‘check out the sun’s temperature,’ hot. If you had to look away at the picture, then you know what I mean. It’s an ugly truth about murder.

Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, worked tirelessly to teach women how to prevent pregnancy—OH, did I forget? She called Australian Aborigines the lowest form of intelligence, next to chimpanzees. That’s enlightened thinking. She had similar thoughts toward African Americans (those folks who she worked so tirelessly to help …)

Now granted, Sanger was a nurse who saw horrible atrocities, overburdened families of the East Side where she worked, and as a socialist and Ku Klux Klan speaker, she gained quite a bit of fame. Not surprising, there.

She became involved in the feminist movement and travelled to Europe to learn about ‘sexuality’ in a progressive manner (ok, so I am ok on that. So was everyone in the 1960’s on drugs, but that’s another article …).

Hillary Clinton is an admirer of Margaret Sanger … ok so no surprise there, either. But did you know she was against immigration for population control? Thus, preceding Bill Gates on his infamous speech regarding decreasing the population of the ‘globe.’

Well … his concept is not of sterilizing women or killing people with vaccines but makes the leap to people will have fewer children because … ok this is where his stupidity shows up … kids will live and parents won’t have spare kids ‘just in case.’

Bill goes a step further with the soon-to-be-released microchip (‘birth control) remote abortifactient—and hooked up to a government program (Bill’s words, not mine) be alerted to when one has sex. Ok, so I think this is far-fetched. But then again, it is Bill Gates here, who wants to depopulate the earth, whether by birth control, vaccines, or death panels. Unless it’s him, of course.

no-rights-abortionHe doesn’t take into account people who have ideologies to push through the many, many children they can have. Let me try this out on ya: Catholics for one – you think they will go for depopulation by birth control? Get real. Next: Muslims, because it is how they will take over the world. And, will they go for birth control? No!

So let’s get back to Margaret Sanger. She thought birth control would:

1. Help women from having horrific abortions. This by the way, has not stopped.

2. She single-handedly did manage to slow the population of African Americans by pushing birth control—almost entirely pushed onto the black population. Why? Eugenics i.e. ‘controlled breeding.’

I dunno what you think, but Margaret Sanger was, and Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton are anti-women. Anti-human.

Is birth control a problem? Yes, if a child is killed. Why is it legal to abort a child, yet when a pregnant woman is murdered, it’s considered a double homicide?

Birth control by condoms and pills (not the ‘abortion pill’ however) … those are fine by me. I don’t have issues with that. However, when young women use abortion as birth control, and when politicians push abortion, it is no longer a brave position. It’s one of cowardice.

Is there a need for abortion? I’ve labored (no pun intended) over this. There are incidences when an abortion may be the only option for the emotional or physical health of the mother.

Take time to think about it. Like I said, it is a difficult and hot-button issue. Illegal abortions continue. Over-population will not stop with vaccines.

If you are pro-choice, then you have no regard for human life but your own. Period.


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