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Abortion is not Just a concept!

That abortion is a concept is obvious from the way it is discussed and presented and thought of in the United States by a great many people. They philosophize about a “woman’s right to choose”; about it being a woman’s body to do with as she sees fit;  about it being “safe, legal and rare”; about it being an inconvenience to have an unwanted baby…how it would disturb the woman’s life.

Each of these platitudes treats abortion as a concept to be debated philosophically. What the conversation never gets around to, at least in a fully developed way, is that abortion is a procedure, not just a concept. We call ourselves a civilized nation and look with haughty disdain at ISIS when they behead captives. We stand with moral indignation against torture including water boarding. But the idea that we’d address what abortions really entail gets very little play.

Even when the abortion providers in the US are exposed for what they do, we find the discussion diverted from what is actually going on to the finer points of whether the information was gathered illegally, or if what was found was technically against the law, not what they actually found. And even if there is an opportunity to begin a conversation about what the undercover videos show, we see them blurred out ostensibly because it is too graphic for the general public to see. Rather, this is only done to protect the abortion practitioners. If the public actually saw the carnage that was taking place in the process of an abortion they’d be horrified so they have to be protected from that picture. Then they can say, “I didn’t really understand what was going on in there”. Consequently, the conversation continues to be about a concept.

The last time I know of a major population ignoring practices as abhorrent as abortion was during World War 2, when the German people claimed to not know what was going on in the concentration camps run by the Nazis. As various camps were liberated by the allies, the local populace was forced to tour the camps to see what had been being done right under their noses, in their name. It wasn’t a pretty site, and people were revolted by what they saw. But up to that point, the camps were just a concept to them, and they could live with that. Once they were forced to face what was actually done to the Jews and other “undesirables”, they were ashamed and contrite. It would seem we need such a reality check here in the United States regarding abortion.

So are we about to make large swaths of the population walk through abortion clinics while abortions are being performed? That might be effective, but it’s not really very practical! Maybe we could force news networks to air videos of actual abortion procedures from beginning to end and focus in on the product of the abortion(s) and how that is disposed of. Or, maybe we could start with just describing the procedure in graphic detail so people could picture it in their own minds.

We have members of one political party here in the United States who are strong supporters of abortion. How long would that support last if people really knew what they were supporting? And how well would the candidates of that party do in elections up and down the ballot if people understood what those candidates and that party really stood for…not conceptually, but the procedure itself? I have confidence that the American people are not really in support of the procedure, or would not be if they stopped to understand what it actually is. If I am correct in my assessment of the American people, then our charge is to educate them to the horror of the practice of abortion, not argue about the pros and cons of the concept.

This is only the first of a series of articles designed to raise this issue to the public before the 2016 elections. The next will describe the various types of abortions performed at the various stages of pregnancy. Some of it may be more graphic than would be appropriate for younger readers, but maybe not graphic enough to convince strong abortion supporters. However, we’ll just take this discussion a step at a time until we are successful at piercing the veil that society has created to  treat abortion as a concept, and force them to recognize and either endorse or repudiate the procedures that actually are the practice of abortion.


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