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TODAY’S WISDOM:   Reminder – – Nasacort is for the Nose; Refresh Drops for the Eyes. And remember to close your Mouth when using either! ! !


Well, look at Keene New Hampshire. A new restaurant had to change its opening sign as it offended  WHO ??? This is a French/Vietnamese restaurant, and evidently, the language on the opening announcement sign had a similar sound to an oft-used English curse-word. Now keep in mind that most Black folks and White folks use this word on a regular basis on public TV, and it always gets a laugh. Why just recently a newly elected Democratic woman described our President as an M-F.

I have not heard objections to the language used in our sacred Legislative Hall or on TV!

The restaurant in Keene had to take their sign down. Maybe we should also remove any Representative using offensive language.

Now, who decides what is offensive?

Whoopi and many of her peers constantly use language I would not have young children listening to and her audience doesn’t seem to mind!

How much longer are we going to cower before these people?

I see that the little children on the other side of the aisle want time and space to respond to the President’s speech tonight. What kind of immaturity are we looking at?

This habit of responding, especially for the State of the Union speech, is, in my opinion, a most childish and dividing event. Each time I hear this I cringe. They are like spoiled brats that scream for everything somebody else has.

How do you stop an enemy that knows only lies and hypocrisy, without being as immature as they? I hate to use the word ‘enemy’. We basically are not enemies, but our Media has put us in that position. Their lying is abominable, and their erroneous headlines are the most laughable I have seen. These people are not true professional Journalists. They fit in the over-crowded category of the very mentally disabled Liberals now taking seats in our Legislative Department for the new term, and those already ensconced in theirs.

I certainly enjoyed “Hannity” last night. It is about time someone retorted so truthfully to Heraldo Rivera. Sometimes I am embarrassed to even think that he is from Long Island (West Babylon I presume).

I remember his reporting back in the day, on an institution I believe was named Willowbrook. He headlined the treatment of the residents. Well, the place finally shut down. It has been a long time since that episode, and honestly, I do not remember the particulars; but I have heard comments that Heraldo used the situation to further his career. Not a nice thing to repeat, but hey, most anything in the news today is questionable, so feel free to raise your eyebrows about that.

I was always under the impression that Heraldo was a fence-walker. He jumped on whatever side was popular.

Heraldo, I am sorry if I discredit you. Nothing personal is intended.

According to the standards of today’s’ Journalism, I would assume that anything goes. It is difficult to break into the Writing/Journalism field today, and still maintain some credible behavior.

I was on the road a few days previous and stopped in a Dunkin Donut Shop. I asked for my purchase to be put into a bag. The young woman (approx. 25 yrs. of age.) said she could not put my items in the bag, but she could give me a bag to do it myself!!!!!!!!! She muttered something about insurance, and who would be at fault if the bag ripped. Following that she went into a tirade about the things that are required of them (the vendor help). I totally agree with her. And I was happy to see her get angry about it.

Do these people today (Liberals et. al), making and enacting some of the absolutely ridiculous laws, have any idea what they are doing to our Nation? They must be told, in no uncertain terms, that the World is not perfect; and in no way will they be able to make it so. Especially since they themselves are not even close to normal.

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