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I seem to remember reading Lewis Carroll wrote “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” as political satire, commenting on the times. Current times warrant similar satirical literature; however, I will be more direct. Two men are in the news this week. One is a Texas Congressman, running for a US Senate seat. The other is a Federal Judge, nominated for a bench on the US Supreme Court. There are police records of youthful transgressions for the former. There are solely unsubstantiated accusations against the latter. In neither case, did anyone die or was seriously harmed.

The hopeful senator to be has apologized for his arrests, admitted guilt to DWI charges, lied about leaving the scene of an accident and used his experiences as a plea for giving folks second chances to make something good of their future lives. He is glorified in the press and court of public opinion as a “hero” for so doing.

The nominated judge has been verbally assaulted by the press, political pundits and the court of public opinion, even to extent of death threats to his wife and children. Yet there is no written or verbal evidence he is guilty of charges for a transgression occurring 36 years before when both accused and the victim were mere teens. There are no police records, no witnesses and an accessor who has taken extreme steps to avoid perjury charges. His former classmates have written letters attesting to his sterling character, former girlfriends declare him a gentleman, and witnesses supplied by his accuser all deny the event ever happened. Numerous subsequent FBI background checks revealed neither this nor anything of a similar nature ever occurred.

When a political party and ideology evolves to a point that they feel compelled to vilify and slander the opposition, hire rent a thug gangs for public demonstrations, (often including violence and destruction of property,) stuff ballot boxes to win elections, pay for people to lie about events that never occurred and say, “The end justifies the means,” one has to wonder about what ends they have in mind. There are at least two types of slavery. In one, a human is directly owned by another. In the other, an entire large group or population is subjugated to an economy, rules, and punishments set by a small, elite group having legal power. The modern Democrat party, having adopted “Rules for Radicals,” as penned by Saul Alinsky, seems to have adopted not only all the platform goals of the communist party but also the radical means for achieving dominance over the rest of us “deplorable” “dregs.”

In my new world where everything seems backward and upside down, I feel I am Alice. Never has a double standard, imposed by one political party and aided by a complacent press been so obvious. I do not want mob rule and the court of public opinion to supplant Roman civil/common law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. I want my fellow Americans to wake up and see they are being deceived by false promises of a better tomorrow by one political party and its leaders, herding them as unarmed and uneducated sheep to a slaughter.

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