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Honor and integrity seem to have been absent from Congress in the last few years.  Maybe we expect too much of our representatives. In this day and age it seems everyone is looking for ways to make that fast buck, and to secure their future. So why should we expect politicians to be different?

Well maybe because they are put in office to represent us, not themselves. From the start of the Republican campaign, the GOP saw Donald Trump as a threat.  On the first debate he declined to give assurances that he would support the eventual nominee. That led to massive headlines and criticism from the party, who asked all candidates to sign a pledge that they would accept the verdict of the voters and support the winning candidate. The charge against Trump was led by Jeb Bush, and John Kasich .supported by Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

In the end Trump signed, and to the dismay of the other candidates went on to win the nomination.

So what of the others who signed the pledge? Most have reluctantly come on board. Citing they felt their word should mean something. Two however have totally refused to issue an endorsement Jeb Bush and John Kasich. It’s Ironic that the two most critical of Trump, turned out to be the least honorable of the candidates.

Trumps opponent has long ceased to show any honesty and integrity at all. Her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State led to the rise of ISIS ma direct threat to America and the death of four Americans in Benghazi, including our ambassador. But if this was not bad enough, her conduct towards the relatives of the dead Americans when she spoke to them at Andrews Air Force base on Sept 14 2012   and blamed a video and film producer for the incident when she already knew the truth was in my opinion reprehensible. Emails obtained by Judicial watch prove that she lied, both about the attack and more importantly to the relatives. Such conduct is not only totally heartless, but it shows a woman total devoid of either honor or integrity.  The American People deserve better ,The land of the Free and home of the brave, will become the land of corruption and the home of the oppressed ,should this woman ever reach the white house.

Her adverts accuse Trump of being a friend of Russia and a supporter of Putin. Of course she omits to point out that she sold 20% of the US Uranium reserves to Russia. Or to be strictly accurate approved the deal.  According to the Clinton campaign the fact that at the same time the deal went through nine investors in the deal donated $145 million to the Clinton foundation was pure coincidence.

Enough is enough people; we are sick and tired of corrupt and dishonest politicians who do not even understand the word Honor.

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