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By Richard C. Lyons,

Over the weeks while the Speaker’s office was vacant in our House of Representatives, which Republicans are supposed to control, I had the sense, like many of our fellow citizens, of an impending abyss. My dark sensibility of our American future is born of the realization that the Democrat Party in our country is dedicated to fundamentally transforming, which is to say destroy, our nation as it was founded – and replace it with the despotism of socialism. At the same time, our Republican Party has always been equally dedicated to destroying itself – for lack of having a steadfast sense of itself and what it stands for. The Republican Party is in desperate need of a designing principle.

A designing principle is defined as being born out of an agreed upon truth, which forms the foundation to a set of values that act as a compass, which directs action. As an example, every life form on earth comes into its full being by the informing code of its DNA. Another example of a designing principle can be provided by our country, which is guided by the truths and values set forth in two of our founding documents: the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Originally, the Republican Party was formed in the 1850’s as the political arm of the Abolition Movement, and the truth stated in the Declaration that all men are created equal. As such, its popularity swept the northern part of the United States, in opposition to the Democrat Party. It nominated a candidate for president in 1860, Abraham Lincoln, who, as Commander in Chief, sent forth armies which suffered 596,670 casualties to correct the single flaw in our nation’s Constitution which allowed slavery to persist after the revolution. Thereby Lincoln defined the designing principle of his party as the liberator of our nation from the tyranny of slavery, which remains the Republican Party’s original legacy.

So, if that was the designing principle of the Republican Party’s founding, what should it be today? This citizen believes the party’s legacy should be taken up again as its designing principle – and made the modern party’s destiny: to free our nation from the gathering tyranny the Democrat Party threatens America with today in the form of a universal slavery under socialism.

To act with design on such a principle, the Republican Party only needs to renew its faith in and act in accordance with the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

The Republican Party must assert the sovereignty of every individual over the sovereignty of the state.  The party needs to renew federalism by empowering states and localities to act for themselves and defend their 9th and 10th Amendment rights and reject the concentration of power in Washington DC. The party needs to wrest power from the Administrative State and restore the legislative power in the federal government to the people’s representatives. The party needs to demand the strict, national execution of existing federal law, such as our immigration laws. The party needs to defend property (titled) rights over government’s unconstitutional (entitlement) rights. The party needs to protect property owners from tyrannical acts of overreach by agencies such as the EPA. The party needs to reclaim our rights to a free enterprise marketplace by condemning forcible government control or outright socialist takeovers of critical economic sectors such as health and energy. The party needs to defend the Bill of Rights as enumerated for freedom of faith, speech and association, while defending the rights of citizens to be secure from unlawful searches and seizures, no matter their political affiliation: the party must demand the equal application of common law.

As it happens, each and every one of the above proposed acts is based on articles and amendments of our nation’s original designing principle, the Constitution.  In fact, a short-hand method exists whereby Republicans may know how to act in making any political decisions: it should fight to conserve every element of our Constitution the Democrats have been working for a century to destroy.

It was great news for this citizen, attended with great hope, to witness the election of Representative Mike Johnson to the Speakership of the House of Representatives. He is a light which pierces the impending darkness of a socialist abyss. He believes in the nation’s and the Republican Party’s design principle. In the interviews I have seen, he speaks with deep sincerity about his steadfast belief in our country and its original principles. And there is more testimony, which leads me to believe in our fellow citizen from Louisiana – it is the insults from Democrats.

Scott Galaway, a University Professor from New York, took a personal, geographical angle asserting that the new Speaker must be like David Duke, being from Louisiana. Bill Maher insulted Johnson’s faith, saying that the new speaker is a “religious nut,” because he believes in the Bible. The Democrat Party has launched an attack on Johnson’s support of the “Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.” Apparently, Democrats believe an unborn baby’s only right to life is the right to feel pain. Lastly, Jana Griswold, Chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State voiced her opinion that Republicans who voted for Johnson, “elevated extremism in this country.” For a socialist Democrat, anyone who believes in the Constitution of the United States is automatically disqualified as an extremist.

I wish you God’s speed, Speaker Johnson, and look forward to seeing those acts which detail your design.

Richard C. Lyons, author of The DNA of Democracy: Volume I and Shadows of the Acropolis: Volume II  is a third generation printer, whose early career centered on religious and special education publishing. Lyons has since engaged in literary pursuits as a poet, essayist, screenwriter and indie publisher.


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