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It seems that the whole country should be delighted to have verified proof that our president and his staff did not collude in any way with the Russians, and in fact with any other foreign entity to tamper or fix the last election.  This is more than we can say about any other politician. We have the proof through two years of investigative effort by Mueller and a team of 19 FBI investigators.  Not only is this good news for the American voter, but it assures us that the president is the legitimate office holder. But I hear people say, just because he is not guilty, it doesn’t prove that he is innocent.  Such an idea undermines the entire US judicial system that holds that you are innocent until proven guilty. Undermining both the executive and the judicial branches is treasonous, and we should have nothing to do with this.

But what about interfering with the investigation?  The facts are the same.  There is no proof of criminal interference and the president is innocent.  Did the media, both political parties, all legislative members, and the rich and powerful try to influence the outcome?  Of course, they did. We all did.  That is part of our political process, but only the media should have not been part of this.  Should Soros, Pelosi, and Schiff go to jail?  Of course not.  Should CNN?  The media should not be biased and for the last 2 years lie about the facts and deliberately fool the American people.  They should be held accountable, especially by the liberals and the progressives who were taken for a ride.  They have damaged the country for these last two years and they can not take it back, even if they want to.  And you know they will come up with more lies to get their desired outcome.

The brainwashed left will continue to investigate for evidence, but there just isn’t any.  Do you think that a congressman will come up with something that 19 trained investigators could not discover in two years?  The rest of the clear-thinking country will wonder how we got to this point and will ponder what other lies they are being fed.  They will yearn to get closure and will press Congress to investigate why the effort to sow discord in our election by the Russians was aided by the FBI, other political parties, members of Congress, the media, and other countries.  We need to get clear of these scandals and discord and come together as one united country.  We will probably have to wait for this to occur until the president gets re-elected for a second term.

If we have been lied to about the president for the last two years, it makes one wonder what other lies we have been told by the media.  We have heard that the president is prejudiced against Hispanics and that walls don’t work.  Of course they work, otherwise, they wouldn’t exist.  Will they stop all immigration problems?  No, but they will stop one, people coming across the border. Will they make it safer for Hispanics already here or coming? Of course.  Fewer rapes and murders, fewer drugs and gang activity for Hispanics and for the rest of us.  Sanctuary cities are a crime against Hispanics and are another lie.  What about other minorities?  The abundance of jobs has helped minorities leave the poverty of social plantations. Imposing tariffs seemed to be a bad idea, but even this appears to be turning things around. We can not be for all the president’s ideas, but we don’t have to be working to make them fail.  Let’s see if he can be successful in the next two years. If he can, great.  We will all be better off.  If he can’t, he can always be replaced, and his failure will not be because we resisted him.  All this bigotry needs to stop.

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