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He will come again in glory

at the ending of the age

when man has done his utmost

and sin has earned its wage

When He comes again in glory

there will be lightning in the sky

trumpets will be sounding

and there’ll be no place to hide

When He comes again in glory

all man’s evil to arrest

every knee will bend before Him

and every tongue confess

That He is the God of glory

come to conquer by the sword

and that every man’s a sinner

and that Jesus Christ is Lord

When He comes again in glory

all the dead in Christ shall rise

the Maker without a maker

the Creator of the skies

Creator of the cosmos

He knows the ways of outer space

He finds no matter to be dark

He holds the universe in place

When He comes again in glory

reclaiming what is His

He will make us as we should be

and we will see Him as He is

When He comes again in glory

we shall regain all that was lost

we will sin no more forever

and finally take Him from the cross

When He comes again in glory

the God who is the great I Am

we’ll see the vengeance of the Lion

and the glory of the Lamb

When He comes again in glory

a mounted army at His side

they shall be arrayed for battle

and we shall all know how to ride


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