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It is time to recognize there can be no compassionate conservatism in war.  When pow’s are murdered on TV there can no longer be any doubt what it is we are dealing with and what it takes to eliminate such atrocities.   Here we are with a nuclear stockpile that we have produced in case we would ever need it.  Is the only time we will ever employ it is when the enemy is at the gate?  These regimes that would have us believe they are too frightening for us to react to them and counting on our “compassion” should realize by example that if you do not respect us, if you murder our citizens, if you threaten us then our arsenal will be unleashed .  “We will not sacrifice our innocents for theirs.  If they do not want to overthrow or rebel against a tyrant then they must necessarily perish with them.  When it comes to either us or them there is only one path we can take.  Where we have shown our wrath in the past via the weapons we were willing to use those nations have learned we are not to be challenged.  Where we have shown an unwillingness to win we have perpetuated disdain.  At the very least we should threaten to use our weapons of mass destruction against those who would harm us.  Such a stance would give pause to those who do not understand the implications our arsenal presents.   This of course would close down that farcical organization laced with our enemies…the United Nations.  We do not need an organized voice of the world to concur we are entitled to defending our country and the freedom of humanity we stand for.

Usually when nuclear weapons are mentioned by politicians they mutter something about nuclear disarmament.  They talk of limiting our nuclear capability in favor of setting an example of peaceful intensions.  President Obama recently said we would never strike first.  This is an example of setting the stage for an attack so crippling that striking back would not be an option.  It was a dumb statement and an invitation for would be conquerers to plan accordingly.

The mindset of our enemies should be such that they fear we are instantly ready and if need be will strike preemptively to a perceived threat. No political would subscribe to that just as most politicians are hesitant to endorse a ban on Muslims until their  intensions can be discerned.  This is so stupid it defies common sense.  Here is an elementary lesson in why a government is created and sustained by its citizens.  The primary purpose of government is to provide a protective agency for the individual rights of its citizens.  It is not to violate these rights by conniving and stealing and ignoring threats.  It is created to identify threats and avoid or countermand them. You don’t hear any politician pointing our this simple truth because they are willing to pretend they are public servants that will take care of you by redistribution of wealth and when the ones being robbed go dry guess who is cut short?  Ask the Social Security recipients or the veterans or the Solar subsidy recipients of California who trusted the government to continue their subsidies.

Does it make sense to build up a force of ground troops to be sent to altruistic battlefields sacrificing their lives for the possibility of establishing a democracy that could just as easily vote to hate us as not?  Or does it make more sense to build a nuclear stockpile with the latest delivery systems to wake up the barbarians that their threat might simply wipe them out?  Just as naming our enemy ( radical islamics ) is crucial to understanding who we are fighting, it makes just as much sense to name the consequences of messing with us and the nuclear devastation we will unleash on the barbarians who mindlessly threaten our way of life , our liberty and our very lives.

If the mullahs hears daily of our ability and intentions and like Baghdad Bob ignore the truth, inflame their constituents and promise the same results of Jim Jones and his followers, who is at fault?  Your “representatives” are hired to shout this message loud and clear to our enemies and forget about the civilian casualties that may arise.  Better their civilians than our soldiers who are our citizens.  We need ,as Truman recognized , to avoid our soldiers casualties at all costs.  They speak of Islamic conquest.  We should speak of the spreading of liberty and justice by whatever means it takes.  The days of diplomacy and wasted American ventures in unwindable wars is over.  Prepare and announce the promise of Jihad is over.


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