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How can you allow 12 million people (who aren’t even Republicans) dictate what the Republican Party now stands for? The same 12 million have declared who its standard-bearer must be.  I guess all crazy people are not locked up in institutions.  So, I suppose, we are now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trump Inc.?  You have obviously sold out. Would you tell us why?

What, exactly, does the Republican Party now stand for? Who will be brave enough to answer that question?  By endorsing Mr. Trump, you are making a statement that is totally contrary to our American Principles.  I didn’t say Democratic or Republican, but AMERICAN!  The public has been expressing their Anti-Trump sentiments almost from the beginning of the campaign.  Lately, their disapproval has gotten more vocal.  Why aren’t you listening? Whatever your hidden agenda is, it does not appear to even consider the will of the American people.  If it did, you could not endorse the ‘presumptive nominee’.  If you do nominate him, you are saying that you support his methods, tactics, dishonesty, bigotry, aggressiveness, arrogance, and selfishness,   He is rude, a cheater, short-tempered, and plans unsafe solutions to what ails us.  What a stunning reputation for the Commander in Chief!!!!!

This year’s election will test the theory that God looks out for kids, fools, drunks and the United States of America. Kids grow up, fools seldom change and drunks will eventually sober up.  But the United States of America may just be pushing its luck this time.  In the past, we have been blessed by the hands of God. In times of strife, when called upon, He has led us thru our troubled times.  This nation has always been fortunate to experience the emergence of good and courageous people during critical times, to lead us out of harm’s way. This is the last best hope of man on Earth. I pray that this proves to be true once again.

There is plenty of anger and frustration in the air over the two totally unacceptable choices for President. There is additional frustration over the idea that a third party candidate can’t be expected to do anything but confuse the issue.  He certainly will not win.  Voting for a third party only ensures a victory for the person fewest people want.

Delegates must not be bullied or intimidated by their state parties, nor should the national GOP lie to them saying they must vote for Donald Trump.  These tactics are definitely anti-freedom – which makes them un-American.  You Delegates must restore our hope for our Nation.

In the past, the collective whole of our citizenry has always had the capacity, if the evidence was before them, to discern those best qualified for office.  The criteria used to judge this (as a jury would) is the candidate’s character and capacity, and their ability to lead us through perilous times. (Washington Post)  It seems to me that there is an abundance of evidence that supports “Nobody qualified is currently running for office.”  My hope is that enough of you follow your conscience, and nominate an alternate candidate.

News has reported that steps have been taken to silence the delegates.  This sounds similar to the “Sit-In” in the House last month; in that the RNC rules committee on Thursday rejected a proposal to ensure that a working microphone was readily accessible to the leader of each state delegation. Having this ability inside the convention hall would be critical for any floor fight.  How can they have taken that ability away from you?

A decision was also made by Trump supporters to amend party rules with language clearly stating that convention delegates must vote based on the results of primaries and caucuses.  How can they do that – yet not even allow the “Free the Delegates” faction a chance to speak?  Mr. Priebus and the campaign were accused of ignoring the concerns of grass-roots activists and quickly cut off debate during the committee meeting last Thursday.   In Trump’s world, everything including conscience must be up for negotiation and can be easily bartered for something else that suits him.

Please do not continue to embarrass yourself by attempting to embrace Trump as the likely nominee of the Republican Party. You can cast a vote for a different candidate than the one dictated by your state’s Presidential Preference Primary or Caucus, when conscience, the good of the Party and our nation dictates they must.  This is such a time.

What is happening here is the result of a political Left that rejected the concept of natural law because it pointed to truths they were not comfortable with. These truths were regarding sexuality, marriage, human nature, and a higher purpose.   When they rejected the very foundation of our unalienable rights, those rights become arbitrary things granted by government, and very alienable indeed. Never forget, those rights were guaranteed!

The nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or consequences, make the best of a bad situation, and say our Prayers. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, but it is always RIGHT!


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