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Mr. Trump, do you realize the disgrace and embarrassment you have brought to me, a lifelong Republican and other Country loving conservatives? Do you have the ability to feel empathy for our plight, our lives, our needs, and our sadness? Do you know how you have divided America into factions of a race against race, gender against gender, age against age, sexual orientation against sexual orientation, nationality against nationality, family member against a family member? You have created an atmosphere where it is acceptable for supremacist to bully the weak and those of different nationalities, and genders, and even religions.

Donald, I have stage four of liver failure, and until you decided to tear apart the previous medical insurance when I changed from one employer to another, I was guaranteed coverage from day one, but not now! I have to wait for 60 days and I may be denied. Why? Why would you put that extra financial and emotional pressure on a person who already has been given a death warrant by a disease? Do you understand what you have done to millions with your hate for those who have pre-existing conditions, the elderly, young children with cancer, and veterans who have several ailments due to serving America? Do you seriously go to bed not worrying about those you are charged to protect, but you have taken away their life?

Donald, you want to build a twenty billion dollar wall to keep out Central and South American countrymen who are asking for an opportunity to pursue their dreams? I would prefer to live next to those that still believe in family, prayer, religion, and hard work to those who lie, steal, cheat and conspire to hurt others. Why would you take away a huge portion of the employee pool, and in general words call them all rapist, drug dealers, and rapists? Since when did any group of nationals all have those qualities?

You constantly state that this is the best economy America has seen, but the average wages have only gone up by $2,000.00 since 1991 average, while the price of food, clothing, and gas have all more than doubled. Bread from 1.17 to 2.49, Gas from 1.24 to 2.55 are just two examples. I made more money in the early 1980s than I do today! So where is the extra purchasing power of the middle and lower income families? It takes over $66,000.00 for a husband and wife with two children to just survive, but in most states, very few people enjoy that. Most middle income and low-income people live as I do, budgeting, sitting in the house when not at work, and living paycheck to paycheck. Is that really making America Great? I believe that you have no idea how we live, and the daily struggles that we go through, while you tweet silly childish comments, give tax breaks to the rich, and bully businesses while increasing our America Federal Deficit!

You bully our friends, chum up to the likes of Putin, and Kim Jung-on, and other countries like China and support the murderers of Saudi Arabia. You have destroyed Fox News by pushing it to be your propaganda outlet, and you believe that all Americans are ignorant of the reality of what you are doing. You brag of being a sexual pervert and think it is funny, while parents try to teach their children to respect others and themselves. You use vulgar language, tell white supremacist to physically harm others, and cannot bring yourself to admit that the terrorist in America today are Americans who grew up in America. You want to fire, investigate, and bully anyone who does not support you, and you think this makes America great? Do you honestly believe that is why the revolution occurred, or the Civil war? You are nieve to American history by the actions you portray.

So the middle and lower class struggle to have enough food to eat, medical insurance to protect themselves from catastrophic illnesses, the ability to live better than their parents financially and not have to work more than one job. You have never confronted intelligently the future of America, education, equality for All Americans, retirement, infrastructure, and the division in America. You are so busy bullying, lying and creating hate, you have forgotten most of America, and give people like me no hope in the Republican party, or in you.

You speak of being the greatest president, but have your forgotten Washington who fought for America’s freedom, to Abe Lincoln who fought to bring America together, to Ulysses Grant who won against Robert E. Lee, to Franklin Roosevelt who saved America during the Great Depression to John F. Kennedy who pushed the Russians back from the shores of America and brought Americans together to Ronald Reagan who forced the unification of East and West Germany, to George Bush Senior who had the largest multinational military force to fight back against Iraq and save Kuwait. No Donald, you, if anything will be measured as one of the, if not the, worst President in America that we ever had, while a clown could have done a better job.

Donald J. Trump, you have embarrassed me, insulted my intelligence, and fought against my ability to live a safe, healthy life. You have done nothing to better my life or position, and you have created hate and discontent all around me. Donald, please do me, and the majority of all Americans a huge favor, and stop being a clown, and resign from Office, and allow America to actually be its Greatness once Again!

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