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History is full of examples of how one incident changed the fortunes of an underdog.  Remember the 1986 World Series between the NY Mets and Boston Red Sox?  Boston was one out away from winning it all when Bill Buckner failed to field a ground ball allowing the tying run to score.  The Mets capitalized to win the game and eventually win the Series.

Today, Donald Trump has been handed a gift.  The Obama lapdog director of the FBI, James Comey, announced that the FBI recommends no charges be brought against Hillary on her handling of classified information on her illegal private servers.  If you were one of those who had envisioned Hillary taking the oath of office in an orange jump suit, you just had your bubble burst.  Now if you are thinking of conspiracy, especially after Bill’s secret meeting with AG Loretta Lynch on a hot Phoenix tarmac, you are probably not too far off from the truth.  This stinks worse than a New Jersey garbage scow under a blistering summer sun.  No amount of spinning from the Lame Stream Media or members of the Democrat Party will be able to change the truth: the fix was in!

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, now has his ground ball to Buckner, with the game on the line.  The Democratic machinery has given him a gift.  The question is how he will respond.  What he needs to do is to pound Hillary and the Democratic Party.  A simple tweet on the situation will not suffice.  In order to come home with the winning run and win the Series, he must make this the center piece of his campaign from now until the November election.  His central point must be how coincidental that the final FBI recommendation came out after Bill met with Loretta, especially since she stated that she would accept the final recommendation of the FBI.  Could she make such a statement if she hadn’t had a hand in it?

Yes, history has shown us how one incident can change the fortune in history or in a baseball game.  The results can favor the underdog,  but it depends on what they do with it.  They could use it to turn things around in their favor, or they can also screw it up and still lose.  Let us hope Trump knows he has been given a gift and uses it wisely.


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