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My sister is a little smarter than my mother but not by much. Over these many years of having tasted the nectar of many flowers, attending social gatherings, and the rare contact in the workplace females have proven to me time and time again that women aren’t very smart. Much to my dismay I also find them irresistible and sadly these stupid creatures have often been instrumental in the stupid things I’ve done in my life. You know, like those mermaids who cause ships to crash along the rocky shore. Meh, it is what it is I suppose.

So when I hear people saying America needs a female president I’m kind of in shock. Every woman I have ever met has told me that she isn’t like all the others. Every one of them. Of course, they were all basically the same sharing many characteristics with toddlers. Once you figure that out they are much easier to deal with. If you’re expecting logic and rationality in a relationship with one, you’re probably not ready for a relationship just yet. And this is what America wants as president?

Elections are not game shows nor is the presidency a symbolic position like The Queen of England. Our President is Commander in Chief of America’s armed forces, has access to nuclear weapons, and the economy is largely the result of the President’s policies. Presidents should not be chosen based on sex, race, or religion they should be chosen based on ability and platforms. The idea of not choosing the best but to rather, choose a face is appalling and nothing good can come of it. What happened to America the last time the people voted based on something other than an amazing resume?

I don’t find the prospect of a female president threatening at all I find it frightening. Sure we might get lucky and find that one woman out of millions who might be a good leader and can think rationally and logically and can make major decisions correctly and quickly but one thing I can tell you right now is, if she’s out there she isn’t currently running for president nor has she ever done so.

I’m sorry ladies I love you all (and have loved many of you) but the idea of one of you leading the Republic frightens me more than flaming asteroids hurling towards the earth.

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