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One of the many ridiculous arguments for abortion involves the mother and the baby’s threat to her life.

For as long as women have been giving birth they have been dying during birth and through much of history, it was quite common. It isn’t very common today as doctors can pretty much slice a woman open and scoop the baby out without undue risk to the mother. Kinda like having a spleen removed.

This “mothers life” argument reeks of evil narcissism and puts to rest forever the notion that women give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. I can not think of any circumstances in which I wouldn’t eagerly give my life for my child’s life.

In fact, I can’t think of a single instance in which I wouldn’t give up my life for any child’s life.

I thought adults were supposed to put children, not themselves first. My life is not so precious to me that I would grasp onto it for dear life instead of saving a child.

So let me state this plainly.

Although it would cost me great pain that would last a lifetime, I would rather see my woman die on the operating table than my child. At least she got to experience some life.

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