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As an Christian, conservative, business owning accountant with a minor in government, I am a political junkie.

Obama and Clinton are both zeros.

Before Perry and Walker dropped out I favored one of them because of executive experience. I looked at Cruz as a Trump plus. The closest of to Trump without being Trump. I was weary of Trump because of his negatives with women and minorities. I disagreed on eminent domain and some value questions. Cruz had a ground game and was ready for two phases of the primary election.

Trump won on splitting the vote, being a non-politician  and media coverage. Obama  and the Republican establishment plus the number of candidates. The vote could be mainly for  him but also a vote to help Hillary.

Cruz will have to be the most forgiving person, as he took the most personal attacks. Call it what you want the attacks on Ted were not complete truths, and very personal. I viewed Cruz’s chance with the establishment about even with Trump..

Trump was the most likely to be behind the charges, but Lewandowski could have played a part.

We have to have unity between the two. Unity with the establishment would be nice but of lower need. The primaries showed anti-establishment. We can’t depend on another four years. Trump won the anti-establishment vote without details. Cruz had the details that were going over the head of most voters.

I have seen many good conservatives  lose in horse race elections often without a runoff. The less then forty percent winner did not gain a vote the runoff. In the election with no runoff the primary winner got trounced. What was the percentage of the total when Cruz and Trump combined? Cruz might be able to pull his supporters out of the Never Trump group , The object is defeating Hillary or any Obama Democrat.

If not VP for Cruz what about AG?


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